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brush cleaners for teeth
DenTek Easy Brush Cleaners

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DenTek - a great toothpick replacement


The Dentek Easy Brush with Flexible Grip is a small plastic "stick", for lack of a betterterm with a tiny "bottle brush" attached to the end.  Approximately 3" in overall lengthwith the brush portion taking up about the last half inch.  Easily carried in the pocket, with a fitted plastic cap to keep it sanitary (and your pocket from getting messy) this device is utilized like dental floss for cleaning inbetween the teeth in between or in addition to regular brushing. If you have tightly spaced teeth, these are not the product for you.  If you have more widely spaced teeth, gapping at the gum due to age/tooth decay/other dental issues or bridgework that has a space between it and the gumline these may be just the product for you.  The advantage over floss for those of us who do have more widely spaced teeth is that you can clean ALL sides of the gap at once with the bottle brush type end.

Arlington, WA


Wonderful for bother at home and away.


My destist gave me a sample of these and suggested it would be a good thing to try. As usual, she was right.  They are a very useful new product.  I've found them invaluable at home, and I carry them with me where ever I go.  They can be used to easily clean tight spaces in the mouth at home and to remove food debris away from home.  Getting out a length of dental floss to remove trapped food after a meal away from home is rather embarrassing as well as cumbersome.  It is very easy to use one of these little thin wires covered with bristles to do it.  It is so much easier to hold and control than dental floss, and it takes up much less space when carried.  They can be easily rinsed under water and reused.  The directions on the package indicates they last for well over a week, and I've found that to be true.  I take care to keep them clean and in a safe place and have used them many weeks before the bristles became bent and worn.

Charleston, WV


Better than toothpicks, more portable than floss.


     Well, really!  Toothpicks are kind of *gauche*, and flossing in a public bathroom or in the car is darned inconvenient *and* a little yucky.     Enter **Dentek's Easy Brush Cleaners**.  Here are little brushes on safety-coated thin wires, each with a flexible handle that fits into its cap to make the whole "appliance" longer (a little less than four inches) and easier to use.  The **Easy Brush Cleaners** come in a plastic case of five with different colored handles for, I assume, different members of the family.     I use **Easy Brush** during the day, at home and away, whenever something -- a poppyseed, a piece of spinach, popcorn hulls, etc. -- gets caught in my close-together teeth.  I like mine best when the brush itself bends and I can fit the curve to my gums.       Be advised that there can be some tooth spaces *too* close for comfort.  These I catch when I floss at night.  Pushing a brush into a tiny space can make gums bleed.  I also have found that moving the brush back and forth as recommended both by Dentek and my dental hygienist can be very uncomfortable, so I take it very easy with this maneuver.     The **Easy Brush** can be used on interdental spaces and dental appliances as well as just teeth.  Rinse the brush after use and count on it lasting quite a while, especially if you can adapt your routine to the inevitable bending of the brush.     Apart from the fact that Dentek's product sounds like it might clean *brushes* instead of teeth, I've found their directions very good and their packaging excellent.  Dentek even includes a fixed mirror in the plastic case.  Now *that's* a really neat touch if you are out and about and think you might need a quick fix.      I found my **Easy Brushes** at CVS.

Los Angeles, CA


Not my cup of tea, but I guess it works for some


I have never been very good about flossing, mainly because it's very difficult for me because I have poor manual dexterity. Floss itself itself is definitely not a viable option for me, so I've been searching around for an alternative. I first tried **Dentek Easy Brush Cleaners **after my sister bought some, but didn't like them on the first try, or at all after using them for a few weeks. They are really small, and the brush seems like it will clean well, but it's harsh against the gums, and made mine bleed. You have to angle the brush a certain way to get it to slide between the teeth correctly. The grip also isn't very good, you have to be very particular about angling the brush and and keeping a hold on it, so overall, it's not the best product to use. I'd recommend straight floss picks. They do have nicely colored handles, though, I will admit.

Fair Oaks, CA


DenTek Easy Brush Cleaners

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