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DenTek Easy Angle Floss Picks

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These are AWESOME!


These are awesome picks! They easily reach back teeth which are hard to do with many other picks that I have tried. These are sturdy and slide easily. They are great to use at home after brushing your teeth or to keep in your purse so you can use them on the go. These are shred resistant and really get into hard to reach places because they are angled. The taste isn't bad either. Our family has really enjoyed using this picks and we have found that since they are easier and more convenient to use that we actually floss our teeth. Our dentist has seen great improvement in our dental progress since we started using these flossing picks. My husband even uses them and he hates flossing, but because of the easy and convenience he will actually use these picks. He's picky about the taste and these don't bother him a bit. Our family would highly recommend these flossing picks to anyone looking for a convenient, easy way to floss without a terrible after taste. Your dentist and dental bills will thank you!


Greer, SC


An easy way to floss


These are the easiest way to floss. I am quite sure that using floss allows you better access to every single nook and cranny in your mouth but these floss picks are so easy to use that it is the only way I will floss. I hate flossing and dealing with long strings of floss so the invention of floss picks is perfect. It is even easy to reach your back teeth with these. Also another advantage is that it only takes one hand to floss with these and isn't as messy either. Since my husband and I started buying these we have both had fewer cavities. I also have notice less pain around my in between teeth sore spots since starting to use these too. Another bonus is how easy these are to leave in your desk at work or carry in your purse for those emergencies when you aren't at home. They are very portable. Also, while these floss picks may cost a little more money than a package of regular floss they are totally worth the extra cost for their convenience.




DenTek easy angle floss picks are great for back teeth


I recieved a sample of DenTek easy angle floss picks from my dentist at my last visit. I have tried many of the less expensive disposable flossers on the market and have learned from my experience that the only flossers that are at all easy to use are the ones where the floss is at an angel from the handle and no in line with it. My back teeth are quite close together so the other ones are difficult to get into the small space at that angle. The DenTek easy angle floss picks are easier to use than dental floss and because of that I am more likely to use it. I have noticed that the thick flat floss does loosen a bit by the time I am donw with my entire mouth but it doesn't break as much as the thinner flosses do. These are great to have on hand in my purse but they are a bit flimsy so I prefer my Reach Access flosser for everyday use.


Appleton, WI


DenTek is an okay option for flossing


I like to floss my teeth every day to keep them in good condition. At my age, dentures are a very real threat, and I'm doing everything I can to keep my teeth in top shape so I can keep them for as long as possible! I like to use flossers to help me floss each day, it's a lot easier than handling a string of floss with my clumsy hands. I have used several different kinds of flossers from different brands and I'd have to say that DenTek is one of my least favorite that I have tried. Even though these work just like any other flosser on the market and do a great job of reaching all over my mouth, keeping my teeth and gums in good condition and floss well, there are some flaws. First off, I think that the head of this brand flosser is too small, which makes it hard to maneuver sometimes. I also don't like how wasteful these flossers are, you can only use them one time and then you have to throw them away! While this is a good flosser, I really do think that there are better options available.


Warsaw, MO


Don't waste your money


I do not at all like DenTek Easy Angle floss picks.  I have tried a few different brands of this type of product, and Dentek picks are definitely the worst.  The floss section is very flimsy and difficult to get between teeth.  It needs to be more taut.  Then once it is in between your teeth, you can hardly remove it!  Both my husband and I got these picks stuck in our teeth and had difficulty removing them..  Especially if your teeth are close together, these do not work well.  They made flossing much more difficult, and actually they left my gums sore after using.  I had to use a few for just one flossing, because they kept getting stuck and easily worn.  I have had much better success with other brands, and therefore, I will not buy Dentek easy angle picks again.  I do not at all recommend them.  They are cheaply made and make flossing more of a chore.  Floss picks are convenient and easy to travel with, but these are not worth it.


Lagrange, OH


I like these


These work pretty well in my opinion. I am generally a terrible flosser (as in I never do it), but since I bought these, I have been doing it nearly everyday.  It is so much easier than using traditional floss, especially for people like me with teeth that are very close together. Since they are so simple to use, flossing goes much faster and seems to be less of a hassle. They seem to get in the hard to reach areas much easier than the regular stuff. Yes, you can only use them one time, but I do not see that as much of a downfall (would you really want to use the same one multiple times anyway?) It is really easy to just keep one or two of these in your purse to get anything out after a meal. These are  pretty easy to find, and if your local store does not have this particular brand, they probably have something similar (however, I have found that this brand works better than its cheaper imitators).


Champaign, IL


Wirk Great


I started buying the Dentek flossers because my husband got hooked after receiving a free sample.  After using them, he demanded that we switch to these for flossing. I found a killer deal on-line, and stocked up for a long time.  They are inexpensive, and eash to use.  I believe that they come in different flavors (mint, spearmint), but I last bought the original.  These are also very convenient to carry in your purse or wallet.  THey are tiny, and carrying them around allows for easy one time usage accessibility.  You never have to be without floss, no matter where you are. THe pick is easy to handle, and works well for getting in between all of your teeth.  After one use, you can discard them.  These are, by far, our favorite method to floss.  I was never a big flosser until I started using these.  I don't know what it is, but now I don;t mind flossing, and I grab one of these every time.


Cleveland, OH


Love these Floss Picks, can't live without them.


I use these Den Tek FLoss Picks several times a day. I can not imagine living without them. I keep them all over the house, my purse, in the car. Everywere I go, I have them. Constantly use them. Great invention. Keep up the good work.


Statesville, NC


Den Floss Picks make flossing easy and more effective.


The Den Tek Floss Picks make flossing much easier and more practical.  I find myself flossing on a much more regular basis since using these great Picks.  It is more practical than fooling around with the regular string floss.  Once you use them they are easily disposable, and no worries about any germs. 


Waterford, MI


Easy Angle Floss Picks - for those hard to reach areas!


**Dentek Easy Angle Floss Picks** **Dentek Easy Angle Floss Picks** makes flossing my teeth very easy.  The **Dentek Picks** are shred resistant and slide very easily.  They also reach my very back teeth, which is hard for me to reach back and get to. The **Dentek Easy Angle Floss Picks** are sticks with floss already attached and ready to use. The zip lock storage bag keeps all **Floss Picks** clean and secure.  Simply remove a **Dentek Floss Pick** and immediately floss your teeth, even those  back ones! Simply throw away the pick after use. What I don't like about these **Floss Picks** is that they can only be used once (imagine using floss more than that..yuck!) and are wasteful. The good outweigh the bad and now my back teeth are getting a good floss and I'm not stretching my mouth way out of proportion to do it! I recommend **Dentek Easy Angle Floss Picks** for people who don't like to floss, or have a hard time reaching those back teeth.  It will help keep your teeth and gums healthy!


Detroit, MI


DenTek Easy Angle Floss Picks

4.0 10