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Floss Pick and Gum Stimulator
DenTek Complete Clean Back Teeth Floss Picks

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Dentek floss picks are great


We are suppose to floss every day and I have never been good about it. Now that I have kids (ages 6 and 4) I'm trying to be better about it myself and for them. I initially bought these to use on the kids because they seemed easier than trying to get my big hands into their little mouths. And for that they are great. I even give each of the kids a chance to floss themselves before I take a turn. These are easy for them to hold and manipulate. There are kid specific ones but other than bright colors, i don't see any difference. However, my husband likes them as we'll. Better than using regular floss he says and now we all use them. It's easier just having to buy one floss product. The cost is reasonable when you buy the bigger packs. Only reason I gave it a 9 instead of a 10 is that sometimes I think about all the plastic I am throwing away each day, but I am also using less floss each day since I don't use a long strand of regular floss.

Reston, VA


DenTek Complete Clean Back Teeth Floss Picks

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