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Delta Touch2O Kitchen Faucet

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Modern Faucet with Great Features!


We needed to replace an almost 20 year old Delta faucet that began leaking. After doing some research and comparison shopping, we decided to go with the Delta Cassidy with Touch2O technology. Let me tell you we have certainly been impressed with our new faucet. Not only does it look great, it really does help spruce up our older kitchen, but the faucet itself works great. It is large and tall enough that it makes it super easy to wash large pots and pans or strainers without any problems. It has a pull down feature as opposed to a separate hose and that works great when rinsing produce or trying to wash the sink itself. The Touch2O technology has blown us away. With a simple tap, water magically appears. You can also change the flow of water from a regular stream to a shower-like stream. We haven't had any issues thus far, and of course you can't beat the guarantee that Delta provides with all of their products. If you are in the market for a new kitchen faucet, you'll definitely want to go with a Delta and you will certainly want to consider the Cassidy line with Touch2O technology. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Palm Bay, FL


Decent but could be better


It is a beautiful and elegant faucet. My husband installed it very quickly, but he is quite handy so it may take longer for some. It works nice and seems durable. I don't have any issues with it, except that I think it is a bit expensive. If I have to do it again, I think I will try a different faucet.

Pompano Beach, FL


Takes a little getting used to the Touch2O


The only downside to this faucet so far is that the install is a little more involved than a regular faucet and it takes a little getting used to to NOT grab the handle to turn it on and off.  It's also not very convenient having the temp control handle also turn the faucet on and off.  Other than that, mom is loving her new faucet.

Phoenix, AZ


Delta Kitchen Faucets Need Work


I have owned my home for five years and i have made so many phone calls to the Delta faucet company to send new wahsers.  The things leak all the time!  I'm rather frustrated that i have to do this all the time.  you would think that with it being such a large company that they would do something about this!  Help!!!!  I'm not sure what do to about this anymore!  My husband is deployed and i have two children who keep me busy.  I don't haver time to replace faucet seat and springs!  Im not sure who the CFO of the company is but i would sure like to know!  The kitrchen faucet "Delta Touch20" is the worst!  I've had to buy this three or four times and not sure if i will ever buy Delta ever again! I have asked my neighbor and my father in law and my brother to come over and fix the darn thing but its no use! i migth as well throw it out the window!  or maybe it could be the hard water.  Hmm...what do you all think?

Tucson, AZ


Loving my Delta Touch2O Kitchen Faucet


I have to agree with a reviewer comment on here, the only thing I am not thrilled with on my otherwise "Phenomenal Delta Touch2O Kitchen Faucet",  is the temperature control handle being the turn on/shut off control. Other than that, I Love My Delta Touch2O Kitchen Faucet!  We initally purchased it while remodeling our kitchen area. We chose this model for various reasons, but mainly for two reasons: ease of use and hygenically sound for a comparable price. The kids are using it constantly, which in my opinion. basically pays for itself when I think about all of the dirt, germs, paint and other things that they'd be sharing and all of the messy handprints on the faucet handles. YUK! Of course, I love it because it makes my life that much simpler. No fumbling for faucet handles or juggling stuff from one hand to another so that you can turn the water on or off; just a tap or a bump and "Whoosh!" the water is at your disposal.

New Castle, PA


fun and functional to use


the Delta 20 touch faucet is a joy in the kitchen. Easy to install, easy to use, perfect when your hands are full. With the stainless steel finish, it's easy to clean and looks great with any kitchen decor. It's a bit pricey, but Delta is still the leader in quality faucets that last a lifetime.

Jacksonville, AR


The Delta Touch20 faucet is the best!


This is a great faucet.  It works just like they say it will.  We had a problem with ours initially and it turned out to be an installation problem--not a problem with the faucet.  When the plumber installed it, the metal ring on the bottom of the spout was touching the metal on the sink and the spout wouldn't work (it's in the install instructions to be sure this doesn't happen).  Delta customer service was absolutely wonderful in helping us troubleshoot it.  The faucet works perfectly now, and it is so convenient.  I would highly recommend it.

Reno, NV


Delta Touch2O Kitchen Faucet

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