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DeLonghi Deep Fryer

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Couldn't Live Without


We have had our deep fryer for a few years and used it a thousand times. It has so many nice features that it will be hard to remember and name them all! But here goes...the best thing I think I should mention about the fryer is that it uses half the oil of other comparable fryers, it can do this by having a rotating basket that constantly circulates the food items being cooked, the inside is slanted so that one end is much deeper than the other and when the basket circles the food is constantly being submerged. Another good feature of this is ability to drain the fryer by a tube located under the handle...it also comes with a strainer that attatches to the fryer and a container for storing used oil. The machine also has a timer and heats super fast! The fryer also incorporated a fitler to help elimate odors. The only two complaints I have about the machine is that it is hard to keep super clean around the rim of the machine because of the seals and such, I do the best I can but I feel it is always dirty. Another pick I have with it is the power cord, it connects to the machine with a magnet and it comes loose easily. Sometimes I will turn the machine on to heat and only realize 3 or 4 minutes later that it was unplugged.

Morehead, KY


We use this deep fryer all the time!


The DeLonghi deep fryer is one of our most-used small kitchen appliances. We use it for cheese sticks, frozen french fries and tater tots, potatoes, chicken, and anything else we think might taste better deep fried. It is really easy to get the oil out of for changing. We usually empty the oil into a milk jug, clean out the fryer, and if the oil is still relatively clean, we can filter out the crumbs and reuse it a few more times.  There are only two things that I can think of that would make it a better deep fryer. The first is a timer. It is not really a problem for us, since we have a timer on our kitchen radio that we use all the time. However, it would be handy to have one directly on the deep fryer. (Sometimes three timers would come in handy!) The second thing would be the way it is cleaned. I would prefer that the oil resevoir was removable. That way, it could be emptied and washed out with soap and water easier than trying to scrub out the whole big thing while trying to protect where the cord goes. Dishwasher safe would also be a nice feature. I would highly recommend this deep fryer to anyone in need of one.

Wayne, MI


Quality fryer well worth a little bit extra money


I bought the Delonghi D14512 Dual Zone fryer after first trying less expensive Rival and TFAL products. My main complaints were the same for both - I could not get and keep the oil hot enough to fry things like plaintains and chicken; clean up was a huge hassle and it was difficult to recapture oil to save it for another use. The Delonghi fryer addressed all of these concerns. It definitely gets hot enough to fry everything I've tried in it with success. There is a clear temperature adjustment knob with degrees of temperature (not just cutesy pictures of different kinds of food like some other brands). There is a spiget at the bottom of the fryer to allow the cooled oil to drain out in a controlled manner right back into a storage container for keeping. The heating unit can be completely removed and the basket and basin both come out for easy cleaning.  The main drawback for me is not unlike all other fryers I've tried - although the fryer has a filter in the lid, it does not in any way contain the "fried food" smell if you fry indoors. I always fry outside on the patio, but if that weren't an option I might seriously consider a more expensive model with better odor control. Also, a minor complaint - although the brushed stainless look is really nice, oily finger prints are really difficult to remove.  

Hollywood, FL


DeLonghi Deep Fryer

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