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Dell inch LCD Monitor

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Dell's E228WFP is clean and simple


I have 3 of these, all displayed side by side and the simple matted bezel doesnt draw away attention from whats on the screen and i love that. My oldest monitor of the three has lasted 5+ years without any problems. The screen resolution (1680x1050) is a little awkward to find the best wallpaper suitable for its size but i dont think its much of a draw back. They're a bit heavy but then again, these monitors have been around for a long time so just dont expect these to be paper thin and light as a feather. they're bright enough for what i need them for (watching movies and gaming) and the response time is bareable; it's nothing i can notice. They've gone pretty cheap so its not a bad choice if you just wanted screen realestate for the buck. They dont have the ability to be viewed in portrait mode but thats not a big deal either. I'm satisfied with my purchases but i believe i will sell these eventually to buy another set of 3. These also have great thin bezels so its great displaying them side by side!!


Fountain Valley, CA


Great After Years of Use


I got this monitor when I bought my Dell Vostro 200 a couple of years ago, it came free with the computer. In fact I am using this monitor right now as I type this review. It has worked flawlessly since the day I got it. I turn it on and off multiple times a day, so that is thousands of uses and tens of thousands of hours being on. Over time a LCD will fade. The picture on this monitor has faded very little. The monitor menu has many options to adjust brightness, contrast and other internal settings. I only used it once to setup how I like and it has remained true ever since. It has a very nice tilt range, more than other monitors I use. It is also very stable no matter how you tilt it which can sometimes be a problem if you bump the desk and the monitor falls over. There is a convient cord coral built into the base so you can have the power and data cables going right out the back, out of the way.


Northborough, MA


Dell inch LCD Monitor

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