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XPS One is an ace and takes up less space!


XPS One is an ace and takes up less space. I have three printers: a three-in-one for everyday copying, faxing and scanning, one for photos and one for high volume printing. I don't have room for the conventional monitor with CPU-I had no extra space! The all in one 20 inch monitor that includes a camera, speakers, microphone, multimedia control buttons,and disc slot, along with the wireless keyboard and mouse makes a perfect set up for all of your computer business.  It's great not to have to color co-ordinate plugs into a CPU, just plug into the wall socket and you're ready to go. And it looks smart and stylish.

Sacramento, CA


Dell's XPS 1 will be the best computer purchase you'll ever make


the greatest computer i've ever had. the new dell XPS all-in-one series is the best. 20" screeen, wireless keyboard and mouse. never will i buy another desktop w/a tower again. no billions of cords hanging from your computer. easy to assemble and no more hassle. all glass screen, touch screen media buttons w/sensor lights let you know if you have a dvd or cd in the slot. (another wonderful feature. no door coming out to bump into.) built-in webcam and microphone. the 22" and 24" versions have built in bose speakers. well worth the money you will spend.

Chicago, IL


Dell All-in-One: perfect for areas where you want a sleek look.


This is a computer that I purchased for its good looks! I have a small, built-in desk in the kitchen, and wanted a computer that would fit the desk. This is it! It is very sleek, takes up much less space than other PCs, and looks good in most any setting.  The perfect touch about this computer is its All-in-One feature. The computer is in the monitor so there's no tower. The keyboard and mouse are wireless so there are fewer wires to interfere with the uncluttered look I needed for a tight space. The computer is a good computer as well. I've had it for almost 2 years and have never had a problem with it. Never had to call Dell for any reason. I have it set to update automatically, and updates are done seamlessly.  I am computer literate and make sure to take care of the computer by frequently cleaning it of clutter.  Relatively speaking, this is an expensive computer, but when you must have a certain look to fit your decor, this is your computer.  I've had Dell computers in the past, however, and have never had a moment's problem with them. The one thing I do not like about the computer is that the keyboard does not have a number pad. Several people have complained to Dell about this feature. Dell may have updated and remedied this by now. I am a bargain hunter and usually would not pay this much for a computer. However, I am also very picky about my home's interior and insist on everything working together in my interior design. For that reason, this computer is worth its price. I believe that this is a computer that one purchases primarily for looks.

Mcdonough, GA


I've never had so many problems with a computer


I turned my computer on one morning and got nothing but a blank screen and a mouse arrow.  I was on the phone with Gateway Support for several hours on and off with different people. The bottom line is the** hard drive is dead and I have to send the computer back to Gateway.  They'll install a new hard drive and I'll loose all the files and pictures that were on the computer. This will take 3-4 weeks.**They did send me a box to return the computer in but the box was configured for sending back a desktop tower and the The "One"  wouldn't fit in it. 

Canton, OH


Dont buy


I bought an XPS 63 days ago. It stopped recognizing the hard drive after 40 days. Dell has sent out a tech 3 times and I've been on the phone countless hours to fix problem. Cant fix it. They've tried everything except replacing one little part the tech needs. Cant get part, they wont replace it, they wont fix it, so I have an expensive paper weight. The funny thing is after they replaced hard drive and cd/dvd drive I got a fedex from Dell saying that the XPS has had problems recognizing the hard drive and that if you install the enclosed firmware it should solve problem. Imaging that. The tech and I laughed. dano

Urbandale, IA


Finally a worthy opponent to the vaunted Apple iMac


***Bottom-Line:***  The* *Dell **XPS-One **is a high performance workhorse that will more than meets my current computing needs and future computer needs; I swear.      Anyone in my household will attest that I do not need yet another PC.  They would undoubtedly argue that the house is overflowing with PC's of every size and description.  They would be partially right, the house has a considerable number of PC's, but they all serve a purpose, and let's face it I make my living from "playing" with PC's.  So when my favorite software company released a new version of their back-up solution, one that could be ideal for my client-base, I had to try it out.  Problem: it requires a stand-alone server and I had none available.  So rather than buy a new server platform I decided to re-purpose my primary desktop and purchase a new.  After much internal debate, I choose the **Dell XPS-One Desktop PC**. **Computer as Configured:** - o **Processor Family:**Intel Core2 Duo E6550 (2.20GHz 4MB L2 Cache) - o **Operating System:** Windows Vista Home Premium - o **Installed RAM:**2.0GB DDR2 SDRAM @ 667MHz - o **Hard Drive Capacity:**350GB SATA II 7200RPM w/DataBurst Cache - o **Graphics Card:**ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400 - o **Primary Optical Drive:**8x CD-RW/DVD Combination Drive - o **Secondary Optical Drive:**None - o **Network Interface Card (NIC):**** **Integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet - o **Media Card Reader:** 8-n-1 - o **Speakers:** Dell built-in - o **Monitor Type:**Widescreen digital LCD - o **Screen Size:**20 inches Dell designed the **XPS-One **for the home user** **as an entry-level media-center computer.  There are a total of (6) USB 2.0 ports on the **XPS-One**; four on the back of the unit, and two on the left side of the display where the speakers are installed.  There is also one Firewire port on the back as well as an RJ-45 port and an s-video port.  A small webcam sits on top of the display.  The coolest features of the **XPS-One** are the multi-media controls that line the lower right hand side of the display.  They are touch sensitive; just wave your hand in front of them and they light up in a pretty blue that is easy to see against the black background of the display.  To the right of them sits the lone DVD/CD player, which lights up in a semi-circle blue when I disk is inserted.  **My Viewpoint** I am in love with my new **Dell XPS-One!  **Yes, all you iMac users out there, the folks in the PC world are cable of building a stable and user friendly computer every bit as fun as an Apple.  Despite what might think of Windows Vista, the OS is stable and well-behaving on the right hardware platform.  I can hear the snickers from the Mac crowd and I understand your derision, but Vista has it good points.  The **XPS-One **is a** **good compromise between size and performance.  The 20" display gives me plenty of room-I now have no problem fitting two applications on the desktop side-by-side for instance-and fits nicely on my desk.       Dell takes my enjoyment of the **XPS-One **experience very seriously; case-in-point: I received an email with a plethora of support information a few days after I received the unit.  I have never received an email after purchasing other Dell home systems before and I have purchased my fair share.  In addition, my unit comes with a 2-year in-home warranty that comes with 24/7-access to phone and online help as well. The Dell **XPS-One **all-n-one computer is powerful home workstation that is more than adequate for Windows Vista and Media Center duties, and is fitting replacement for my now re-purposed desktop tower computer.  Though a tad expensive, the **XPS-One** is wonderfully engineered, attractive (love the smoky glass base) and easy to master.  The* *Dell **XPS-One **is a high performance workhorse that will more than meets my current computing needs and future computer needs; I swear.     

Aurora, IL


Dell desktop computer

3.5 6