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XPS 700
Dell desktop computer

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Not worth the Cash


I bought this for my husband and it was the worst comp yet. We have 5 computers in our home and this one is the only one we have trouble with. It was purchased for gaming yet the issues we have with it only occur when using it for gaming. The sound goes out or turns into a high pitch squelch. The blue screen of death occurs frequently while running online games. Have had Dell at the house many times to replace motherboard and other various components but it still happens. We have learned our lesson and will not purchase a Dell again.

Henderson, NV


Great gaming computer


My Husband has this computer. The only problem we've had is the memory needing to be reset, and dust and cat hair getting in the computer. I reset the memory, cleaned out the dust, and cat hair, and added a vent filter to the front, to slow down the dust in the future, but that's pretty hard when it sucks air in so much. Just keep an eye on the front fan, and clean it once a month. It should be fine. We put Vista on it, and other than Vista sucking, the Dell is handling the pressure very well. Next week I'm putting in new memory to match the 1066 mhz front end bus capability. That in itself is awesome! Oh, and the lights are pretty!!

Atco, NJ


Dell desktop computer

3.5 2