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Dell c521 desktop computer

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The Dell Desktop


Over many years I have own many Dell computers. My last one is a Dell c521. This computer came with Windows Vista. I was worried it would confict with my XP computers on my network. There was no confict(thank goodness). Computer was very easy to deal with. Dell has a alway had a GREAT custumer sevice. Web site easy to navagate. The computer comes with only 1GB of Ram. I did add 2 more to it. Also the computer uses SATA hard drive. This was something new to me. I found it to be very easy to up grade. I had to buy a new DVD-ROM for it about 6months later. The one down fall I see in the computer is there are not very many PCI slots. There is no AGP slot. I play many high end games. My old Graph card would not go in it. Granted it comes with a ON BORED Graphs. I have found in the pass they are not very good. I always change the card. I have only had to RESET the computer one time do to the fact that my anti-vius program failed on me. It took about 30mis to reset. All in all it is has been a great computer.

Meridian, MS


the dell c521 had a few problems but is a good pc.


the dell c521 is a good starting computer it did have problems right away that the warranty coverd, the mother board went out and it was replaced by a dell technician that came to my home, the repair was quick and the response to the repair was very quick. then a week later the dvd drive started sticking and not ejecting some times.  other then that the drive has plenty of space for movies and songs. its still going strong, it could use more memory now but thats about it. i give it a thumbs up. i would def. by another dell if it came to it, its lasted me since the repairs and is still working without any breakdowns.

Porterville, CA


Nice computer


We have 2 Dell computers!!  One is older, one is new.  Love them both.  Of course the new one is more updated and faster, but still use my old one now and then.  For the money, I think these are one of the best computers out there.

Montreal, WI


c521 sound is good and clear


The dell c521 if I honestly had to say the truth. this computer is just like the rest of the middle grade. its has its slow days and its fast days. it runs programs well the explorer has all kinds of problems. I run firefox and it does alot better. it plays dvds,Cds,mp3 and it does that well. it has 2 32 bit processers which i havent realy got all that good at working it. well i think thats all i know about this computer. so thanks for reading..  

Maryville, TN


When they work they're worth the price


If you buy a Dell, cross your fingers and hope you never have to deal with tech support. My computer has problems shutting down, in that it never finishes. Dell was never able to solve the problem, but were infuriatingly dense and repetitive in their attempts.  That being said, when it's on, it works well and it takes well to upgrading. Except the video card...the unit over the processor is in the way of the video card slot, so DON'T BUY IT IF YOU'RE A GAMER.

Berkeley, CA


Dell dimension c521 has good sound


i love this my Dell dimension c521 computer but dont like vista much rather have windows xp.I am use to using windows xp.I like the fact of it having a flat screen works just fine for wha i do at home like looking at emails and trying to look for a online job not a buissness.its also away for me to comunicate with family , friends,and teachers.My oldest son des some home work on it is a fast computer with alot of space.The monitor is good size to and you can make the letters you are lookin at bigger or smaller if need be.It wasnt to hard to put together.Wish i had this computer alot sooner than i got it.

Versailles, KY


Dell c521 desktop computer

3.7 6