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Dell XPS Notebook/Laptop PC

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My brother have this monster


this computer is my dream, i used this computer just on for week from my brother, but i feel it is my computer,it is powrful fast, it is work good for my projects




Long lasting laptop!


I have had this Dell XPS series laptop for around six and a half years. I called Dell and ordered it and made it exactly what I wanted. This made it somewhat expensive but the fact that this laptop computer is still going very strong and has absolutely no problems after over six years says a lot for Dell and for how well built and great that this laptop is. This laptop is very quick and the processing speed on it is amazing, everything has always gone so fast on it and it has never slowed down since the day that I bought it. The battery life is great, the battery lasts 12 hours plus and never dies on me, I have never had a problem with it. The laptop is set up nicely and the keyboard is comfortable and makes the laptop easy to use for anyone. I love Dell support and that it was already installed on this laptop, it is nice to have them right there if you ever need anything or are having any kind of problem or have a simple question, they are always there to help with anything that they can. This is my home use laptop that I love and do not plan on getting rid of until it is completely dead, Dell makes a great long lasting laptop.




Basic computer needs


Systematically designed to match rudimentary needs for most individuals, no hassle of installing Linux, packaged with Windows Vista which is a benefit for those who cannot purchase discs to burn but less than standard in terms of memory, space and graphic card. Ease of Use Buttons worked well, screen is plasticly large and not much can be said about the switch function near the button keyboard. Battery Life After long duration of hard charging without unplugging the ac adapter, it experiences recent overheating and battery is shortened to only 30 minutes before required to charging time. Support & Service Only a few programs were able to be installed in the system, while it's generally advisable for the manufacturers to port an update program for the computer, they ignore it and leave the system as is, totally unprofessional. Speed/Performance After tweaking Windows Vista, speed were comparably responsive and not much lag between opening application. But Vista is generally the worse OS in the market with Linux leading the confrontation between major competitors. Design Bulky, inherent design of the laptop will leave some people who have attempted to open it, frustrated and not to mention almost all laptop manufactuers put the fan at an hard place to clean thus removing all components which can lead to disaster for some. Durability Scratches on the screen, with no major damage on the hardware itself but once I'm done opening the laptop, certain key strokes doesn't work and made me unhappy as I'm not willing to use this laptop if I managed to repair it.




Great laptop, well worth the money!


I did a lot of research because I had to replace the Dell that I had been using for 8 years. This one had the most ram, bigger hard drive, and already installed programs (Office 2010). Got the peacock blue color for no additional charge. Always been happy with Dell, and I continue to be a loyal customer!


Bel Air, MD


This is a great unit!


I use a Dell Studio 1535. This is a super computer for a beginner laptopper. It isnt hard to use. It isnt hard to understand. you can personalise it too. it has decent speed and enough programs for most users. One complaint I have is that you can not view power point and it doesnt have word so sometimes it can be tricky to view documents. I am a "liesure" user so it works out ok for me. I know just enough to be dangerous so I can usually figure out how to do something. It can get pretty dang hot though after using it awhile.


Isle, MN


Nice small computer... but not as fast as I hoped


I bought my computer from the dell outlet... The first one i recied the hardrive died in about 1 month...Dell quickly sent me a replacement system...This system is not as fast as i had expected...if you are planning on getting this system, I highly  recomend the 9cell battery... at least 2gb of memory (i only have 1 and i wish i would have done the upgrade)...I would also recomend getting the upgraded video card... I hear that would have made this system a lot faster!


New Boston, MI


I can't praise it enough, it is the bomb!


I can't live without my new laptop. It is beautiful, fast and very easily portable. I really enjoy using it and I am not sure if I would bother buying another desktop computer in the future. I do use a wireless mouse with it, I am a mouse user.


Mastic Beach, NY


It's great and easy to use.


I bought my laptop for college this year and have found it to be extremely useful for everything I have asked it to do so far. It's great at helping me to multitask with a to do list and clock on the side of the desktop. When listening to music or watching movies on my computer the controls on the front of the computer are very useful. Almost everything on the computer is very user friendly and easy to understand. A great feature is on the right side of the keyboard there is a panel and one light tells you the state of the computer (on, off, stand by mode) and another tells you the state of the battery by flashing when the battery is almost fully charged when charging or when unpluged it will flash when the battery is almost dead giving plenty of time for you to plug it back in.


Phillips, WI


It's the Porshe of laptops.


The M1310 is a light weight exquisitely designed laptop that packs a huge punch.  With it's discreet graphics card it will take you to the most demanding graphics gaming environments.  It's 4gig capable RAM and 2.2 GHz Duo core 2 processors will crunch through multiple demanding business apps. 


Monterey, CA


I am not satisfied with Dell laptops


The delltop 1535 is my second laptop.  My first one was back in 2004-2005 and I do not remember which type it was.   The first one was my step-sons it was ok...but it lost internet connection frequently.   It did not hold a charge very well from the power cord.  And when the modem went bad I tried to get tech support to help over the phone and send me the part through the mail.  It was a challenge just to figure out the problem over the phone let alone get them to send the part which they never did. The second laptop I have right now is the current 1535.  It was loaded with vista and the f-keys keep popping off.  Again the motherboard and modem went bad. And the tech support was better this time but it took forever just to connect to the support department.  I never did get any contact from the technician who was suppose to come to the house and fix it.  I had to take it to an outside source for it to be fixed. My next laptop will be a Mac.


Bonaire, GA


Dell XPS Notebook/Laptop PC

4.1 60