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Dell Venue 7 Android Tablet

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I love my Dell Venue Tablet


I got my Dell Venue 7" Android Tablet as an anniversary gift from my husband. I wanted a tablet so bad but I was so busy I didn't have the time to go out and find one I wanted. So I researched them online, found one within our budget and the Dell Venue 7" Tablet was what we chose. We ordered them from the Dell website because my husband ordered himself one as well. Although they were a little higher in price than some of the other name brands but I like Dell and I was greatly satisfied with the quality of this tablet. The picture quality was awesome, I was able to clearly watch movies and search the web. I also used this tablet as a e-reader to read my online books and it was perfect. Battery Life Just like most electronics this tablet is no different and it doesn't have a long battery life. Weight This tablet was on the heavy side and was not comfortable holding. But once I purchased a carrying case and it made the handling of it a lot easier.





This product is great, you can do everything on this device. you can do what you wanton here. Look at PDF's documents, look at Word, and work in it. along with excel, powerpoint, and set up your e-mail weither its Hotmail, gmail, or outlook. Battery Life The battery life is about two hours, but its working hard so I can understand the short life. But its something they can work on in the ear future or they may have already. I like my tablet I haven't really looked at anything else cause its easy to use and it does what I need it to do just like a working PC/Workstation Processing Speed The speed is amazing it breezes right threw to the next tap or document you are looking for or work on. Weight its light weight and easy to store away. App Availability Apps are easy to get, you go to Google play store and you can get the apps you need there and 90% free. Design Its a simple design, it doesn't need a fancy design. Durability I haven't dropped it yet, and I don't plan on doing it any time soon either.



Dell Venue 7 Android Tablet

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