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Dell VOSTRO 3700 CI3/2.4 17.3-2GB 250G DVDR CAM BT W7 PC Laptop

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Do not buy this Laptop!


Just think back a hundred years ago the first computer would take up an entire room.  Needless to say technology has progressed, but with this laptop.  Where do I start?  FIrst of all I purchased this laptop because I wanted a big screen and 17.3 inches is just what the doctor ordered.  Looking back I should of thought about other things like the display for instance.  I don't like this monitor at all.  Even though it's 17.3 inches the display is horrible, the viewing angle is not good, and it displays black very badly.  The laptop itself has flimsy build quality and looks cheap.  The power cord is too short and the laptop it  a little on the heavy side.  I would prefer something lighter to haul around back and forth.  To be fair I have had this laptop for 5 months now and haven't had any problems yet, but it's a little on the slow side.  I plan on getting a new laptop as soon as I sell this one. 

New Albany, IN


dell vostro 3700 is so so


The dell vostro 3700 is a very so so laptop in my opinion. When my aunt first bought e this laptop I was not sure if I liked it or not because I thought it was way to big and way to heavy for me but i really needed a laptop so i took it and after that I felt like the laptop was just ok. it had all the features i needed to do school projects like the typing microsoft but there was nothing that was truly special about this laptop in my opinion. I had a really hard time carrying it around because it felt like it was bigger then me. Also the battery life to me was just ok I felt like i always had to have it plugged in so that was something that i did not really like about the laptop. I would not suggest or recommend this laptop to anyone but if its for free hey why not take it. Another thing about this laptop is that it was always laggy and i felt like it was really slow at times too. if you need a laptop try to look for a sony or hp one i hear those are really great

San Gabriel, CA


Dell VOSTRO 3700 CI3/2.4 17.3-2GB 250G DVDR CAM BT W7 PC Laptop

2.5 2