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Dell UltraSharp 2408 LCD Monitor

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Great monitor


I have used this monitor for some time now and it has been great. I like the fact that I can change the screen from being horizontal to vertical and the picture quality is great. The fact that I can run a USB cable from the monitor to my machine making it to where I can plug USB devices into the monitor rather than having to reach down to the PC itself is a great time saving feature that I love. When I purchased this monitor I purchased the warranty service with it and it proved to come in handy. I had a few pixels go out on the monitor, not a reflection of the monitor itself I believe just a bad unit, and I contacted dell support about it they were fast and efficent in sending out a replacement for the unit. they didnt give me a hasle to replace it either which I was surprised about because I was preparing myself for a battle when I contacted them. the replacement that they sent me is working great and I have had no issues with it thus far.

Draper, UT


Good monitor


We get these monitors at work and we get them from Dell as opposed to another manufacturer because the warranty support on them from Dell is easy and better overall than other manufactures that we have dealt with. The monitors themselves are great monitors, they have a clear and crisp picture and they have multiple ports on the back of it one of which allows you to plug the monitor into the computer itself via the USB cable that comes with it, its the same cable you would use for your printer, which in turn would allow you to plug USB devices directly into the monitor and not need to get down on the floor or wherever the machine is to plug them directly into it. I also like the storage card slots on the side of it as well which makes transfering photos from my camera to my machine simple and easy. All and all its a good monitor.

South Jordan, UT


Dell Ultrasharp 24" has to been seen to be believed!


Once you go Ultrasharp, you'll never go back. This type of LCD uses a panel technology known as IPS, which means In-Plane-Switching, and they blow typical TN panels out of the water. For an unnoticable rise in latency, you get absolutely insanely vivid color reproductions and a huge color range. Things look rich and vibrant and the whole image just pops. What good is some huge 30" TN panel if the image on it is washed out, blurry and cant be seen from any angle but dead on. The image quality is what's important, or size and refresh rate won't be worth having cause who wants to look at a dirty faded image. These Dell Ultrasharps even having a "Gaming Mode" you can activate to decrease latency and possible ghosting to maximize reaction times in online games with no noticeable hit in graphics. Monitors of this type cost more, and are marketed for "professional graphic design use" but anyone who enjoys a nice crisp image from their computer or cable box can benefit from these amazing displays.

Beaverton, OR


DELL LCD monitors are quality, can't go wrong with these


As with most Dell LCD monitors, it's hard to go wrong. The Dell ultra sharp 2048 LCD monitor stays true to this reputation. I have had great experience with this monitor and so far it has not let me down. Not only does it look sleek, this LCD monitor has a lot of real estate to do multitasking or reading and comparing different documents. This fast monitor is also great for games and video. Colors need to be tweak the with the first run, but what monitor does not require this? Although the only downside to this monitor is the lack of digital audio output. Most hardcore gamers and sound freaks will want to have there own setup for sound. So while this may turn some people off, most will not see this as a deal breaker.  As with any electronic products, there is always the possibility of something going wrong. If something should go wrong with this LCD monitor such as dead pixels or it malfunctions, DELL has great customer service to assist you. This really is a no-brainer when choosing DELL brand LCD monitors over the competition; most will not have the same kind of support as DELL. 

Knoxville, TN


Dell UltraSharp 2408 LCD Monitor

4.3 4