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Dell Studio Notebook PC

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it's super fast and easy to use.


i am write this reveiw about the** Dell Studio 1537 Laptop** because i think it's one of the best laptop's out there not to mention that it's made by a fantastic brand.this laptop is great i purchased it when dell was having there 10n days of deals so i got a really good deal on in but if you're interested in this laptop don't worry dell is always having a sale. the studio 15 laptop i bought has a 15.4 inch screen it's actually bigger than i expected,it has 4 gbs of ram and a 320 gb hard drive which is great if your the kind of person than has a lot of programs and is on your computer also has a 2.0 web cam and built in microphone.a really cool feature is the back lit key board is you can see your keyboard and type in any comes with windows vista home edition which i have to admit i hated at first but after using it everyday and for a while it really isn't that bad and it has so cool features to.this laptop also has a 8x cd/dvd burner which i love and the cool thing about it is that the drive don't pop out for the disc it actually sucks the disc in and then you just push a button and it pops the disc also comes preloaded with dell chat,roxio creator 10,adobe reader 9,dell movie store,mcafee 30 day trail anti virus,and micro soft comes with a 6 cell battery which will give you at around 3-4 hours of life then yoou need to charge it.but the dell tech gave me a tip you can save your battery life if your using it at home take the battery out and just plug it in to the wall.the wireless card it came with is great it's an intel wifi link half minicard which better than the regular minicard because you have a better connection with this card and it allows your computer to go faster on the internet {no one likes a slow connection}.this is my first laptop although i have a desktop pc at home a laptop is different butnot as complicated to use as i thought it would be,so i definitly recommend this dell studio 15 laptop it's great and very fast and easy to use.also dell's customer service was very helpful with my purchase.


Bronx, NY


Dell Studio - Good for average user


This is my first personal studio. I have used many laptops. I have worked with Dell, Lenevo, Toshiba, Sony and HP laptops. Dell is most suited for "average" users. When I say average, I mean people who don't use the laptop for a dedicated purpose. I am an average user! Am not a hardcore gamer or programmer or designer, etc.. I use it mostly for browsing, watching movies, occasional gaming, etc. Dell brands are best suited for this kind of usage. Dell Studio is a hybrid of Latitude and XPS models. Latitude is for light usage and XPS is suitable for graphics oriented application usage. Studio falls right in between. Coming to 1537 model, it comes with a slightly larger screen. It is very good for watching movies. The quality is pretty good. The bad things are the speakers. You have to use headphones for movies or songs. The inbuilt speakers is probably the worst among all laptops!


Parsippany, NJ


The Dell Studio 1537 is great for a home laptop


I got this computer last year after I had another Dell laptop stolen from a break in. This is much better because it has more memory. 320gigs. You were able to chose the design on the cover. I chose the burnt orange which was really nice. I like the feel of it. It is quite heavy though. Mind you I don't really move it around or lug it around, so it doesn't bother me at all. The colors are very vibrant. The picture is really clear. Especially after installing Windows 7. I find the fan runs often, but if you put you're computer to go on sleep mode when idling, it cools down quite fast. The webcam on it is not great. The picture is very low quality. Backlit keyboard is nice. Battere life is ok. Not spectular but for a laptop it's not bad. Good amount of ports. HDMI is good to have. So all and all I really like this laptop. I think I will keep for a while. It has everything I need for home use.


Point Roberts, WA


Good laptop once I had all the issues fixed


I really like this laptop but I didn't always feel this way. Within the first year of owning it, there were several issues. We purchased this laptop new from Dell and it came preloaded with Vista operating system. We immediately had to install Windows 7 to get rid of many issues. We had to call Dell support to get things fixed as well as my husband having to do work on it. The media bar above the keyboard gave me fits! The eject button would light up upon start up and it stayed lit up for 30 minutes or longer making it impossible to play a disc. The volume control had a mind of its own and would shoot up to maximum and the display would stay on my screen for minutes at a time. I could not close out of it or reduce the volume when it did this. A Dell tech came out to repair the issue...a wire connection near the motherboard. But the tech was so rough with my laptop that it's no wonder she didn't do more damage when she slammed it around. It was then that I realized just how easy it was to scratch my pretty pink paint on the case. Since that issue, I have had issues with the cursor, the system lags A LOT, and I get errors quite often. Luckily I have a knowledgable husband in the computer field so he is able to keep it upgraded and troubleshoot when problems arise. This is the longest I've went without any major issues. Now that everything is working properly I love this laptop. I'm not sure I'm willing to go through all this again when I purchase another though. I probably wouldn't recommend a Studio or an XPS. Husband owns an XPS and he has issues as well.


Batesville, AR


I am addicted to my Dell Studio 1537"


  I bought my Dell Studio Laptop 1537 about 9 months ago.  I used to get pretty mad at it thinking there were things wrong with it.  It did funny things like the pointer would all of a sudden go anywhere it wanted to.  I couldn't pin down any specific problem so I never returned my laptop back to Dell.  Well, as time passed I began to get used to my Studio and found that it wasn't the computer it was the operator!  I recently began an intense job search and began an online college program.  My Studio has been here for me.  I even bought a Dell printer to go along with my laptop.  As time went on I found the need to speak with Dell support for little issues and Dell always took care of my issues.  When I began school I had to load in Word 2007 and Dell support walked me right through it.  The studio Laptop didn't even hiccup. I didn't realize how addicted I was to my Studio until one day my daughter dropped it off the couch.  I got a very scary screen stating "hard disc failure imminent-back up data immediately" and "press F1 to continue."  I contacted Dell support in a total frantic state.  They walked me through trouble shooting, sent me a new hard drive, and even assisted me when it arrived.  I went through withdrawals during the time my Studio was done.  I used my daughters computer but it just wasn't the same.


Gaylord, MI


Dell Studio 1537 is psychotic.


This computer has too many gliches to list.  But the worst are that the mouse freezes up; the screen zooms in and out on its own; and it tries to think for you when you use the word processor.  In trying to be more advanced, Dell has created a real loser in laptops.


Canton, GA


Dell Studio Notebook PC

3.5 6