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XPS 13
Dell Studio Notebook PC

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Great well-made laptop


I haven't always been a huge Dell fan - many of their stuff is cheaply made plastic. But the XPS 13 I have is quite a nice laptop in my opinion. Sure, it isn't an Apple product, but it's also half the price. Mine is equipped with an SSD and 4 GB of memory, and it flies for what I need. The display is nice and crisp, and the battery life is great. I got mine before the XPS 15 came out, so I knew what I was getting into back then. But I do wish my display was a 15" sometimes. 13" is good for light work, but I am a firm believer in screen real estate. So take that into consideration - it's a great laptop, but a 13" screen can be limiting sometimes. All in all, for the price I like it.




Very nice laptop


It is very light and portable. With the SSD and Windows 7, it boots very fast. It does everything that I need. I use it for Microsoft Office, programming, and surfing the Internet. I use it with a mouse, so I can't really comment on the touchpad which I hear some people complain about.


San Jose, CA


dell studio is my first laptop


Dell studio is my first laptop to purchase. Although I don't have much to compare it too and I love my dell studio laptop. After having it only a year my harddrive crashed and I baby this thing it was never droped or played with by the kids.I thought it was a little young for such unforseen problems but who knows. I do love it and it is with me most always.some of the key features I love are the backlit keyboardand the portability of the studio laptop. I am continualy suprised by the battery life, it is pretty amazing. compared to the desktop it is remarkable fast. the monitor and resolution is impecable. another con for me is the mouse. I am not sure about the mouse it is awfully sensitve and seems to sometimes have a life of its own but a easy fix is I also have a real mouse that I plug in that solves that problem easily. I truely do love this computer but we often have great feeling for our first.


Chillicothe, MO


Studio XPS, Powerhouse but at what cost?


Back when I purchased the Studio XPS 13 from Dell, it as supposed to be one of the manufacturer's top of the line PCs. The line if Studio XPS PC's were billed as performance meets style PCs, but did they deliver. The notebook itself is pretty stylish, with the lid having a nice leather strip and silver accent to make it look both professional and sexy at the same time. The inside reveals a light up, full size chiclet keyboard with various touch media keys above it. the keyboard is a joy to type on, and the touchpad very responsive and smooth. The internals of these PCs were also top of the line, giving lots of space and a beefed up processor that made the PC able to handle even the toughest of tasks with ease. Where this computer goes wrong is in its fan technology. It overheats to a point where it is uncomfortable to place on your lap. This is truly unnacceptable for what is supposed to be a portable device. This is the reason that I cannot recommend this PC.


Clarksville, MD


Most Bang for the Buck


I actually bought this laptop refurbished from the Dell Outlet, scratch and dent, and it's absoltely the BEST laptop out there for the price. I'm a CS student and I know what I'm talking about. Spec wise, it has the same CPU/GPU combo as the MacBook Pro: Core 2 Duo and Nvidia GeForce 9400M. My refurbished model was half the price! The GeForce 9400M while obviously not as good as dedicated GPUs, is still quite powerful. I'm a competitive Couter Strike: Source and Starcraft 2 player and can run both of those games without hiccups in my play. The HDMI output is a great feature and it's so useful being able to hook it up to a HD TV and watch movies from your computer (cause come on, who buys DVDs these days?) The only downside I have is the fact that there are only 2 USB ports. I'm constantly having to swap things in/out to get it all working. This can be fixed by simply buying a USB hub or even getting the 34/54 ExpressCard expansion. All-in-all, a great laptop. powerful and cheap.


Davis, CA


Dell is the best computer system on the market!


I would recommend Dell to who ever is into gaimg and online business.  I have had an excellent experience with Dell.  If I have had problems I just call their customer support hotline and they are quick and thorough about helping you with whatever problem you have.  I would encourage friends and family to use Dell if and when they were shopping for computers.


Austin, TX


good all around laptop


great computer for all college needs. like resaerch, games, movies, and notes. i think that i use my laptop everyday to watch the new shows on hulu or to keep up to date on facebook or e-mail. i think that this has a really good resolution because it really keeps up with all the new games that i play that demand a lot of high specks. i think they have made a nice affordable laptop that can be used for anything and has a lot of high end features. i think they might have rushed the laptops too. my laptop has minor problems. somtimes my slot tray keeps ejecting for no reason. it gets really annoying just listining to in eject over and over. or worse it ejects a disc when my lamp is next to it and brakes one or the other. i think over time they could make a perfect product i think that iff they cut down on the price that they could really make a better sale. i also think that they should include more RAM for the more gamer types of people.


Northwood, IA


my dell studio laptop doee everything I want it to do.


I wanted a portable computer and I went to dell because this is where I bought the computer I now have. I am a writer and it is important for me to be able to write down my thoughts whenever they strike so a laptop seemed the best option. Actually I bought a laptop with more technology then I will ever use but you never know. so far my new laptop is working great and I love it. I have tried other computer companies over the last 8 years and Dell is the best I have used. they are honest and helpful. I will always use them for my computer needs.


Mc Kenzie, TN


A great powerful notebook that is perfect for travel


I got this computer after needing something that was light, powerful, and I'd never regret purchasing the following year. This computer hit the spot. The dell studio XPS 13 is shiny black with a little leather for attitude. That's right, leather right on the lid. It looks good. This machine is powerful and small. It can handle big games such as AION with a great nVIDIA graphics card and a powerful processor. I even opted for the 120gb Solid-State drive with no moving parts which only sped up the computer exceptionally. The computer also handles Windows 7 Ultimate and runs smoothly. The entire keyboard and buttons are backlit a pretty white. It has multimedia buttons which are touch sensitive so they are smooth and not really buttons, but touch-buttons which is dandy. The XPS also has a beautiful monitor and a great resolution that fits anything you want. I often love to hook my XPS up to my 54inch panasonic TV and the top resolution fits perfectly on the TV, not cutting off a single pixel. It also has a great lasting battery for most tasks. It has multiple ports I won't even begin to list! The mouse pad is sensitive and smooth. It has wireless WiFI depending on your options chosen. Can't go wrong with this unit!!! As I said it is perfect for travel. I take this computer with my everyday to work to document, and it is not a burden at all. I get frequent compliments on it. Dell is the best! I've only owned Dells and still own all the Dells I've ever had for over a decade!


Urbandale, IA


Dell Studio Notebook PC

4.4 9