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Dell Studio Notebook/Laptop PC

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How my Dell works (and doesn't work) for me.


I bought this laptop about 3 years ago and everything seemed perfect for the first year. As soon as the warranty expired (as usual) the laptop started overheating. Granted, it only happened when I was watching videos online or playing different types of games. To stop that from happening I got a cooling fan that sits underneath the computer and I started making sure I didn't watch anything for more than ten minutes, or play a game for more than ten minutes hoping I could prevent it from overheating. That worked and still works for the most part. About 2 1/2 years into owning the Dell I noticed an amber light glowing near the delete button. I talked to a guy who knows about computers and he told me to remove the battery and run it from the adapter instead. I did this and the light went away. Since then the only problem I've had is the overheating issue and I'm not sure why that is such a problem except for the fact that the vents are on the bottom of the computer. I would take a bulkier computer if it meant that the vents could be on the sides and/or back of the computer.

Auburn, NY


Perfect Laptop-And Fast


I don't know about you guys but when i think about a laptop I want it to be easy to use, fast and be able to hold alot of memory. I don't particularly want it to look better so others can admire it. They aren't cars. I wouldn't tune them up. But Dell sure is investing time and resources in their Studio laptop line as for some people personalization is important. I am just hoping they are working under the hood as well. Now that we have the tech info out of the way, we can let you know how we put our Studio 1536 to work. Booting into Windows Vista took on average just under 40 seconds, which is par for the course. The AMD was no slouch when it came to handling multiple open applications while viewing video and playing music. Applications could open and close without a hiccup. If you haven-t taken a look at a TrueLife display, you need to check out the Studio 1536. The glossy display maintained crisp clean image quality even while multitasking using memory and hard drive intensive processes. In other words, you can check your email while watching a DVD, without missing a word.

San Marcos, CA


Not the best laptop I have ever owned


I feel like this laptop was overpriced. But I was however suckered by the green color option. The worst part of the laptop is the sound capabilities. Wow, music has never sounded soooo awful. It's got an alright processer speed and I can connect to most wi-fi hot spots with easy, even through the pre-loaded Vista security pass throughs. I honestly would not recommend this laptop to a friend though. I simply think other laptops would provide more functionality. I suppose if looks were important, get a laptop skin rather than invest in this piece of technology. The worst part of owning it so far has been having to replace the A/C adapter after only 1 year of using it. And I am not a heavy computer user, so it saw maybe 10 hours a week of use. I can only imagine someone who uses it everyday would have to replace the adapter and the battery. I do however like the Dell Central that came on it. It's a fast track to most programs. I also enjoy the mouse deck, it's got a fairly modern design and the sensitivity is just right.

Kansas City, MO


Dell Studio Notebook/Laptop PC

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