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Dell Precision desktop computer

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Fast Blazing Speed Shame It Was Discontinued


I got this computer broken and it was very easy to get up and running again. Right now it has six gigs of ram and a one thousand gig hard drive. The 3.2 gigahertz dual core processor also gets the job done without having to go into too much detail about that. I upgraded it to Windows 7 ultimate and installed a few programs to make this desktop run to its peak performance at all times. Sure it was a little bit of an investment for parts and my time but in my opinion nothing in the stores right now can compete with my desktop. When I got it it was a hand me down from my cousin who got it off my other cousins husband who is rich. Even came with two monitors attached. I like to consider myself a computer geek so this definitely gets everything done for me while I am at home. I work all day on the computer to make my living so I have to have the best in order to work to the best of my ability. I know this particular model of computer was discontinued but if you come across it buy it. You will not regret it I promise.



Dependable ,Durable ,Dell Precision 390


   My Dell Precision 390 With two 500 gb hard drives ,dual p-4  3ghz processor , 3gb ram and dual cd/dvd burners ,is a very fast and dependable PC.Multi tasking is smooth and fast.You can do almost anything in a snap.The 256 mb NVIDIA graphics card is great.Streaming video , digital photo's Games ,whatever is in front of you is crystal clear and easily readable.USB ports are easy to get to,in front and back.If your looking for a great PC and a great deal , check into getting a Dell.I would recomend them to anyone.Pair it up with a Dell flat panel monitor with high resolution and you will be very happy with the outcome.You will have a long lasting and durable system that you can trust and rely on.Setting up a wireless connection was simple and hassle free,and works great.I have had Dell computers for a long time ,1996 my first New one ,then in 2002 a new dimension ,and presently my precision work station 390 and never had trouble with any of them.

Green Bay, WI


Dell Precision desktop computer

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