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Dell Precision Notebook

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The Dell Precision M65 notebook has many issues.


I'm not really a huge PC fan, because I feel like they're more prone to viruses.  I have had my computer for about 2.5 years, and I really dislike the Windows Vista Operating system.  I have had many problems with it, including my entire profile being deleted and not being able to log onto my computer.  I also recently had to reinstall the windows vista operating system because my updater stopped working.  The computer itself works pretty well, has good screen quality, and decent speakers.  I think my main issues are just with the operating system.  The battery on the computer lasted me for over 2 years which was great, but one day just completely died, and I had to get a new battery.  Also, the charger that came with the computer shorted out one day so I also had to get a new one of those.  I have also replaced many keys from the keyboard due to the fact that they just pop off occasionally.  These are really the only main issues that I have had with this computer.

New London, CT


Dell Precision Notebook

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