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Dell Precision Notebook/Laptop PC

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Great computer, but not made to travel


I have the Dell Precision 4500. It can store anything you could ever dream of and run about 10 programs at once. But because of this capacity it is large and heavy. It can replace a desktop but doesn't make for a very good travel laptop. General comment about Dell service: I orderd my Dell online. Be very weary about having a computer delivered to your house, Dell will not listen to requests about delivery date, it just shows up when it works for them.

Saint Louis, MO


Not wonderful, but it is ok.


I am typing on a Dell Precision M4300 as we speak, so  I can really express how I feel about this computer. It is good for people in the business world who need to run a lot of technical software, like my husband uses this computer mostly for. It has lasted for about three years, which I suppose is long in computer years. We have had a lot of problems with it not starting up sometimes or losing documents. That is really a big hassle, but I think the was it redeems itself is that it is possible to recover your lost documents. It is also easy to install new software, which is helpful if you use a lot of software. Something I don't like is that the battery life is not as long as I'd like. Also, it doesn't really charge well when you are using it at the same time. It runs with Windows Vista, which a lot of people have problems with, so I guess I should keep that in mind before I completely trash this laptop.

Plano, TX


a great high-quality high-end no nonsense laptop


I purchased this laptop because it was one of only a rare few that still offered Windows XP Professional. If you are looking for a high-end laptop and do not want to use the Vista operating system, this one should do the trick. Very pleased. This is my 4th Dell laptop.

Seaford, NY


Dell Precision Notebook/Laptop PC

3.7 3