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Dell Photo All-In-One Printer

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Dell Photo 964 All in one Printer is the BEST printer EVER!


I purchased Dell photo 964 all in one printer in 2006 and fell in love with it! It's "my baby" and absolutely love the way I can photocopy, fax, print with the same printer! Replacing ink cartridges is very simple and everything is explained very simply, easy and efficiently, just as I like it! I don't use it to fax but I love the fact that I have the capability to do so should I need to do it. It actually still looks and performs like its brand new! Ink got to be pricey so I found a website that I can buy ink that can refill the cartridge when it requires more ink and it rocks! Its easy to clean and keep clean as dust can gather in areas that may interfere with the printers ability to perform. I love the fact that it has its own instructions on the printer itself because I forget things so easily and this way it backs me up and helps me remember how to work the all in one printer.I look forward to many more years of service from this printer!

Mechanicsburg, PA


Would buy it again as it is great for the home!


I was looking for a new printer and everyone suggested something different.  I was looking for one that was all-in-one and affordable, easy to use and good on ink.  I found it in the Dell Photo964.  It was really easy to install and set up.  It has a coppier function as well as a scanner function which I was a little scared of at first but they turned out to be so easy to use.  I have never had a jam in the machine and I use it a lot for home projects, school projects and copying recepies or travel itineries.  It fits easily into the space that I had planned to use for it and still had enough space left over to store extra paper.  The ink cartridges are easilky inserted and removed.  I even use the fax function to send out resumes and it is wonderful!!  One feature that I did not notice until I used it for awhile was I could insert my compact flash into it and not have to download things to the computer first.  This saved me a lot of time especially with pictures.  All in all I would say this product lives up to what is advertised and is a great value for the money.  The cost is not high and the value is even higher!!  I would recommend this to a friend or family member to purchase.  The easy of care for this machine is none.  Well we do dust it occassionally.

Silver Spring, MD


Wonderful printer for the home office


This is a wonderful printer.  The Dell All in One Printer 964 is perfect for the home office.  There is a printer, fax machine, scanner and copy machine all in one.  This is a wonderful machine for all office needs.  It is affordable and takes care of business needs.  It is not high tech and is very easy to learn and understand.  The speed for faxing and printing is by no means fast.  However, for the price, it will surpass your expectations.  The color printing is wonderful and the scanner is perfect as well. My major complaint is when we try to hook up the wireless router to the printer.  I was not able to get the router to work with my laptop and printer. I spent countless hours on the project and was not able to get either to work even though Dell sold me both the router and printer at the same time and said they were compatible with each other. All in all, this is a wonderful printer.  Whether using it just to print out documents or to fax and copy legal documents, this is a wonderful product and I would recommend it to any small business owner.

New Port Richey, FL


Dell Photo All-In-One Printer

4.7 3