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Dell Optiplex desktop computer

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Dell has built the perfect small computer


I have had this dell for a while now and it has worked great for daily use and has not had any problems. Its a small form factor machine that either fits nicely on the desk, since it does not take much space at all. It can also be put on the floor underneath the desk. The small form factor also uses less energy and less heat comes from the machine since all the parts are designed to take as little energy are required. The video is decent to where you could watch movies and play a limited amount of games, but I mostly use it for word, excel, internet, and email. It has worked out great and is more than fast enough for what I do. There are two usb ports on the front and more in the back. There is also a dvd rom drive for playing movies. I would recommend this machine to anyone who needs a basic machine and can not afford to spend a ton of money on a desktop. It provides the power and speed you need for most things that everyone does today.

Irvine, CA


The Dell 755 is a fast and small machine


This Dell is a great machine, its a small form factor that I have and its perfect size allows me to put it just about any where. It users less energy and is compact enough to put on a desk or underneath without taking too much space. Its great for work, personal, or any use. It has a decent video card and fast cpu with the right amount of ram. There are two usb ports on the front and a cd/dvd drive included. Its also very silent and produces very little heat. Its fast enough to play basic games and great for internet or general word processing, which just about everyone does these days. I would recommend this machine to anyone and with Dells great warranty and customer service, its a win win for everyone. It also comes with a keyboard and mouse, but Dell is getting cheaper and cheaper with these. But they do the job and work fine. One thing I would recommend everyone do is backup the machine right when they get it, as many of the vendors now provide cd-less restore options. This is why you should backup the system right after you get it.

Garden Grove, CA


Dell Optiplex desktop computer

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