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Dell Optiplex GX280 Desktop Computer

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super fast connection


I just bought this dell and am amazed at the connection rate and how fast the web pages load. I would recommend this pc to anyone who wanted an inexpensive but yet fast pc. I have a friend that came over to look at mine and her just ordered the same one.

Medical Lake, WA


Big problem.


Although most people think that Dell computers are the best, the quality has gotten progressively worse, up until very recently.  I, as a computer tech, supported 300 various models of Dell.  This particular model was a huge blunder.  The motherboard capacitors overheat, and leak, leaving the pc completely dead.  The fans are very noisy and sound like an airplane taking off.  Dell is good about replacing failed parts, but tech support is annoying because they knew much less about the computers than I did. I also replaced a lot of hard drives, which is a very common problem amoungst most of the optiplex series.  Especially the 240, 260, 270 an 280.  This particular model is just not reliable, and I would only recommend it to my worst enemy.  The specs on this model are decent, but the Ram, and Hard Drive is not much, and you have to pay extra to upgrade them. This model was a big disappointment, luckily we didn't buy many of them.

Edmonds, WA


wish it had a higher capacity power supply


it is a great desktop, yet is lacking in a higher capacity fan, and needs the boost of a larger power supply.  i keep it on all the time, so the worry about a mother board frying is a constant concern.

Detroit, MI


Dell Optiplex GX280 Desktop Computer

3.0 3