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Dell Optiplex 760 desktop computer

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Nice computer for everyday activities...


I received my new Dell this past February. It came exactly when it was supposed to, which was nice. There were really not a lot of insturctions though and some of the cords were unfamiliar to me. I had to call in to Dell to understand how to actually get the monitor configured and plugged in correctly to work. But, they were helpful, I must admit. I work from home and find the computer easy to use. It's not the fastest thing on the planet, but I don;t have any real issues with the regular things I do on a daily basis, work, spreadhsheets, e-mail, internet searching, etc. My only problme is that it shuts down quickly and the monitor goes blank and sometimes will not come back on at all. There is really no rhyme or reason why this happens, sometimes it happens after a short time idle and sometimes it works just fine. But, for my purposes, it is functional. My last regret is that the actual CPU is huge and I don't have a big desk, so I keep hitting my legs on it. I would certainly like a slimmer CPU setup.

Wesley Chapel, FL


Dell Optiplex 760 desktop computer

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