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Dell OptiPlex desktop computer

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Very nice PC


This PC maybe old but performs on a business grade for Home Office or Organization use. Dell has been powerful but not as much as HP. You'll notice performance when you install your own independent VGA Graphics Card and/or Serial/HDMI out if this PC's motherboard is compatible. I have a GX270 small form factor which has a similar motherboard but different components. Graphics make all the difference in a PC so you could watch High-Quality Videos and play Video Games. This is great for using Twitch or Broadcasting a stream on different web servers that support it. I'd recommend these PC's to those that are looking for basic computing but would like something that will be fast and nearly up to date with latest speeds without running up your budget on buying a newer PC at retail price. Ease of Use Very Smooth as long as you reach maximum memory and load windows 7 over XP. Hardware Quality Hardware maybe old but it's nearly identical to the newer PC's out in the Market today. Always upgrade to maximum components to reach full potential of system operation. Support & Service Very fast if you find the right person to assist you with any troubleshooting but sometimes you have to tell them how todo their job to help.



A DELL OPTIPLEX GX270 sucks for me


I got this DELL one year ago, it was what I thought was a good deal for what I paid, but as it turned out it was in need of a major up grade, and still is.  There is not enough harddrive, its as low as it can be.  It freezes on me ever since I got it, its very slow and have not been able to speed it up.  I don't know alot about computers, the first time I operated one was in 1981, so I knew some of the operation of computers of today. I now realize how much of todays computers can give problems, and if something can go wrong it gets wrong for me.  I have had help on the internet by pros but with no success.  They tell me I need an upgrade, which could cost me a great deal of money.  Twice I have cleared out the computer and lost a lot of data in doing so, but have been able to start out a new again.  For not knowing what I was getting, fully understand what I was getting, has cost me alot of money and regrets.  This computer was to help me succede in things I would like to do, but has only held me back.  I have emails that I use to take surveys but sometimes I'm stopped right in the middle of a survey because of errors, and my computer is to blame.  Im not happy with my DELL and I know that my DELL could be alot better then it is.

Maryville, TN


Dell OptiPlex desktop computer

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