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Dell OptiPlex 360 PC desktop computer

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The Dell OptiPlex 360 is a very solid computer


What I have gathered from my previous and current experiences with Dell is you might not always get the most flashy or exciting computer but you're always going to get something solid and reliable.  And after my recent experience with a HP DV4t laptop, I'll take solid and reliable!  The OptiPlex 360 is no different than other Dells I've used.  Depending on how you get it equipped, it can be a workhorse for you, with plenty of features to satisfy.  I'm not really a gamer or anything but the computer supports multiple software programs and browsers open at the same time with absolutely no trouble.  Getting it with Windows 7 is a plus.  This computer is one year old and still seems new to me and is crisp.  If you want flashy or fancy gadgets you'll pass on this one.  Most Dell's I have tend to last a good while too.  Again, reliable, solid, good value, and if you're a techie you probably aren't reading this review.   

Mount Dora, FL


The Dell Optiplex 360 is not a good buy


I purchased the Dell Optiplex 360 two years ago and it has not been a good computer. Dell has replaced the hard drive three times, my optical drive once,  and has to send a technician out six times because of internal problems. It was purchased to use in my office but it keeps having problems. Of course the technicians, they have sent out tell me that the other technician didn't fix something. If you buy a Dell, please buy the four year warranty because you are going to need it. I did and I am glad. It could be a good computer, if they could get it fixed because when it it working, it works good. I am in need of a second computer but I am looking around because I don't need more problems. This is not the only Dell I own. I have had problems with my other computers but they are not as major as the ones with the Dell optiplex 360. Sometimes we get a dud. I would not recommend the Optiplex 360. Dell does make some good computers, I have heard.

Mobile, AL


dell its on the upwards


i just bought my 4-th dell desktop-laptop computer and even they have still a big mountain to climb but they have made significant progress over the years and i would suggest not to take their oem licensed products (like windows) because it is not wort et the effort of having every thing to solve by self or call an a Technion  nor rather buy a retail copy and get the full support of Microsoft or any other software designer with their (usual)  full line of support   an other topic is the virtual pc that you gets more and more sophisticated and powerfully, on this way with a good network setting you might work back and fourth with multiple operating systems, like Unix, mac os X, linux, or linux like an other topic is that since the technology goes so fast some of the old ones like an analog phone line you have to remember to ask for it when you place an order for a new computer, also you should remember to ask for a card reader, since by default it is just comes with the  laptops not the desktop (unless you order it) 

Monroe, NY


The Dell Optiplex 360 is a beautiful "work horse" computer.


I LOVE using computers.  However, I HATE buying them and setting them up.  I just want one that works with no hassles.  I guess that to me, it should be like getting a cat from the local animal shelter.  Your vet sends one of his staff to choose it for you (because if you go yourself you'll want to take all of them and it breaks your heart to only rescue one).  You get it home and it's already litter box trained, it happily eats the premium food your vet recommends and it's thrilled to be loved and coddled.    Well, I actually considered naming this Dell Optiplex 360 "Kitty."  Unlike prior experiences, getting this new new computer was NOT a nightmare. First, I was pre-disposed to a Dell product because that's what I've used at companies where I worked -- in fact every company seemed to use Dell.  I can take a hint. I went on-line (where I do 95% of my non-food shopping) and searched for deals on any/all computers.  Luckily, Dell was having a sale on its small business ones.  I spent the required number of hours comparing and contrasting with other manufacturers' products, but it was pretty obvious from the time I found the Dell sale that it couldn't be beat. It has all the bells and whistles which exceed what I'll ever need, including the dual core which I consider my new security blanket.  They offered a method of choosing the features which was very quick and the price was wonderful and yes, included the free 22" flat screen monitor. Please note, I waited 6 months before writing this review because I didn't want to rave about something that collapsed quickly.  But this machine is still going strong.

Los Angeles, CA


Dell OptiPlex 360 PC desktop computer

3.5 4