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Dell Notebook PC

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Small(ish) and Affordable


I used this Dell Inspiron 13 laptop for about a year and a half when I found it on sale at Best Buy. Previously I had a Dell Inspiron 1505 and I wanted something smaller and more portable. The Dell Inspiron 13 was the perfect sized laptop for me and it came with Windows Vista, this was before Windows 7 was out. It fit perfectly into my backpack (designed with a laptop pocket) and didn't seem to add too much more weight to my load- it was certainly much lighter and smaller than the Dell Inspiron 1505! The default configuration doesn't come with too much RAM so I suggest upgraded it right away. The battery was great, lasting about four or five hours with light internet usage. I don't use this laptop anymore because I have another one now but I highly recommend this one (or the current Inspiron 13 as this is an older model) for people looking for a small, affordable, but decent laptop.

Yuma, AZ


The Dell Inspiron 13 PC Notebook is awesome!


I love this computer...I have a Dell Inspiron 1318 Laptop and it runs very well after having it for two years! I use it all the time...I am on it constantly, and the only thing that has gone wrong with it so far is the left mouse click has worn out finally. But other than that no hardware issues, the processir still runs like a pro, and I am loving my laptop!

Knox, PA


My Inspiron laptop is perfect for me!


Ever since I've had my Inspiron Laptop using the computer has become a daily thing. This laptop has so many different options I could go on for weeks about the amounts of things you can do to it. Many downloadable programs and add-ons as well. I myself purchased a Carbon Fiber cover that gives my computer a very sleek look. I use my computer for everything from using the World Wide Web, Uploading pictures to my computer, editing the pictures as well as uploading videos and editing them, playing a variety of games everything from solitair to pinball, also able to use many different programs like Microsoft word where I can write word documents with such an ease and even add pictures and with a printer connecter am able to print them out, I can use my Windows Player for many many things. Such as playing with my pictures, creating a slideshow, editing them for friends, watching my videos and editing them like I said and preparing them for the public.

Jacksonville, FL


The Dell Inspiron 13 is sleek, fast and easy to navigate through


I purchased my Dell Inspiron 13 about a month ago and absolutely love it! I can navigate through the internet super fast, programs upload in an instant and the Windows Vista was easier to learn than I had first anticipated. I'm not very "computer literate" so I was a bit nervous with a new operating system (had Windows XP previously) but I had no trouble learning it within an hour or so. The programs are fantastic, love the Media Center! The laptop itself is compact and light so easy to take with me when I travel, a huge plus in my book! The options to choose from when I created my personal laptop were wonderful. I got great colors, fantastic warranties and service contracts, and top of the line anti-virus software. But most importantly I liked the price when all was said and done. I highly recommend Dell to anyone looking to purchase a new computer, laptop or desktop. Their service and quality or fantastic!

Concord, MA


Dell Notebook PC

4.5 4