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Dell Notebook PC

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Well Above Average


For an every day person looking for a 17" laptop, this computer will do everything that you need it to do plus more. The weight can become a bit burdensome but that's too be expected with a bigger system. What to expect: a relatively fast computer, plenty of RAM, nice full keyboard including number pad which is relatively rare, an above average quality built-in webcam, nice look to it, and sturdy. I would definitely suggest paying the extra for an extended battery (I get 6-7.5 hours of regular use on battery, for a 17" laptop this is incredible). The system runs Linux flawlessly, most things worked out of the box, wireless was a quick setup using quite a few different Linux systems (Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuse, Puppy). Sound quality could be better, my old system had a built in small sub, this one does not and I can tell the difference. lots of USB ports, HDMI out is nice, eSATA also is a plus. Other perks are the SDcard reader, good media controls, and the always reliable dell support (sometimes you have to push a bit but you'll get your way eventually).

San Diego, CA


Love my Dell Studio 1737!!


I purchased my Dell Studio 1737 over a year & a half ago in Fort Mill, SC after having a computer crash. My Dell Studio 1737 was made with refurbished parts and the laptop runs pretty good despite that. I use external drives to put anything I download on so I'm not constantly filling up my C-Drive. There are a few things I don't like about this laptop. Where I am typing sometimes my right wrist will get pinched where the metal part meets the plastic part. The webcam is not all that great of quality. Plus I had to remove the Dell's media center since the light would remain on & was very annoying. Otherwise from all of that it's a really nice laptop and works well for me. One of the great things about my laptop that it's not a computer... it's my media center. I watch my tv shows on my laptop and will hook up speaks to the Dell Studio 1737 and watch movies with my boyfriend. It works well for us since we don't have cable.

Rock Hill, SC


My computer have had a lot of problems since the first week.


When I first got my Studio 1737 computer it was great.  Then I start having problems.  A disk got stuck in the DVD player. The computer would not shut off.  Then it would not start up.  Of the three months I have had it I have used it for about two weeks.  Dell techs have been great but I am very disappointed as I have had other Dell computer that worked great. They will replace my computer with a refurbished one.  Since I bought a new one which I have been unable to use I dont thing that is fair of the company.

Fort Lauderdale, FL


I love the size of the studio 1735 laptop from Dell.


I have had the Studio 1735 Laptop from Dell for 6 months now. Three features I was looking for before I purchased it was the size, portability and the color. Yes the color, mine is orange, it matches my car and I love it!  I use it my great orange laptop every day for hours at a time. It runs fast with very few problems and crashes. The size of the screen is great for doing all my graphic design pages. It holds all my large graphic software programs with plenty of room for more. I use it as a desktop computer without the battery installed to save on battery power but when running on the battery it lasts for approximately 3 hours. It came with Windows Vista installed, a webcam, souped up video graphics, all to my specifications, which was also a great selling feature (computer customization). The only downfall I have found is the weight. It is a little heavy to carry, but for what I needed I will deal with the weight. I would reccommend this Studio 1735 computer to anyone looking for a great laptop (in a color of their choice) for a second computer in their home. The dell backup system also was installed and I can be sure that if any thing happens to my system everything I have is backuped and stored by Dell. I love my Orange Dell!

Lakeland, FL


Great Laptop


I have had my Dell Studio 1737 for over a year now, and I love it. It is a large laptop, so transportation is not always easy, but for what I use it for, the large size is nice. I like having a full number pad included with the keyboard. It is a great media laptop, as I watch many videos/music on it with no issues, and the HDMI out port makes it great to connect with my HDTV. There are a few issues with this laptop though. Sometimes I have issues with flash and my video card not always working, but a restart solves that problem. Also, the volume controls are touch activated, so if you wipe off dust from them, you end up pushing all the buttons which opens up the Media Direct software. Overall, I have enjoyed this laptop and would recommend it.

Canton, OH


Don't buy me, I'm a Lemon.


My Dell Studio 1737 Laptop has been such a waist of money. I am one to give an honest, unbiased review but this one really can't get better than one star. I had problems with my first 1737 the first few days I had it, thought it was a fluke and returned it for another Dell Studio 1737. I have used this thing for almost a year (my warrenty is almost up) and have sent it to the repair center three times and I'm about to send it in for a fourth time. The repairs weren't for little things...big things like the AC adapter stopped being recognized, the battery wore one year. The operating system crashed...twice. Had to replace the motherboard AND the WI-FI stopped receiving signal and had to replace the wire. Seriously, don't buy this computer! I tried two of the same computer, they were both lemons.

Salt Lake City, UT


Dell Studio 1737 Laptop


I had heard all kinds of pros and cons about laptop computers, so held off on getting one. After all why did I need one, my desktop worked just fine? I'm not sure why I decided to get one but I sure did a lot of research as far as price, and customer service and tech support. This said for me Dell seemed the logical choice. I bought a refurbished Dell Studio 1737 was my first ever laptop. I was really sketical that it would have the ability to multitask as well as my desktop. But I really put it through some tough tasks and it passed with flying colors. How many desktops let alone laptops can and do still work when you have five (5), yes five different browsers and an email program open. Not one crash no frozen screen and am now a happy laptop user too. Would I recommend Dell? Yes definitely. Although I haven't had any issues with this unit, I have had with prior computers from Dell and there tech support and customer service has always been there when I needed help.

Lakeside, OR


not the best, not the worst.


Dell studio 1737 laptop. I bought this system about 18 months ago. It has an intel duo core 2 T5900 processor. Its been a pretty good system but I have had to replace the dvd rw drive drive not once but twice. The biggest problem I had was with dell's tech support. I purchased and upgraded tech support package that included onsite repair service within 48 hours of calling tech support if they unable to resolve issues remotely. It took over a month to get someone here to change out the dvd rw drive the first time. The sub contractor they used to do onsite repairs in my area continually lied about when they would show up and when someone did finally show up he seemed to more damage then good with my computer. he had about six left over screws when he finished and it never worked right after that. About a month later they finally sent out someone to replace the drive again and he was able to replace all missing screws and the system worked fine after that. I think they changed sub contractors and the news ones are much more professional.

Delta, UT


My 5th Dell Laptop. I LOVE THEM!!!!


This is my fifth Dell laptop and I must say... I LOVE THEM!!  My husband is a computer geek (professionally) and he always encourages me to go to Dell.  I absolutely love that I can piece my own computer together, get awesome support and KNOW it will last me for years to come.  Our PC is a Dell as well!

Ottawa, KS


I love my Dell Studio 1737.


I love my Dell Studio 1737.  It's travels well.  The only problem I have found with the 17" is finding a case on wheels.  There are only a few out there and I wasn't impressed with them.  Next time I would get the back lit keys.  My daughter has it and its a wonderful add-on feature for those of us older folk.  I would also make sure I had the correct programs installed. I thought I was going to receive a feature that I didn't and assumed a program would be installed that wasn't.  Be sure to check the difference between home and office applications.

Minneapolis, MN


Dell Notebook PC

3.9 14