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C610 P3
Dell Latitude c610 Notebook PC

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Great for the price


The Dell c510/c610 has been a lasting laptop! I have now owned mine for 8 yrs and it is still fully operational. With one exception... the screen went blank a couple of months ago. It pops up when starting, but then goes black! External monitor and it's good ta go!

Fort Worth, TX


This dell laptop is just what i wanted.


 **I just recently purchase this dell laptop and I can say that I really love it. It has every thing that I wanted on my laptop plus some extra. I didn't really know what to expect when I first started using it, but when I began to use it and check out all of its features I couldn't pull myself away from it. When  I am on the go I can carry it with me. It is real convenient and very light weight. I like the fact that it has the wiFi feature also. These are some of  the things that I was looking for when I was searching for a laptop. I don't have to really worry now about where to go when I need to get to a computer quick because it 's always with me. I think that this was a good invention when they came up with the laptop. I can even connect my laptop to me cell phone and it just doesn't get any better than that. I know that i have made a good choice in purchasing this dell laptop. I plan to use my laptop for a number of things. **

Smithville, GA


Awesome system if the screen wouldn't die


As for the entire C510/C610 system it is awesome and I definitely find it horrible that the screen went totally blank one day, out of no known reason or clue why.... by start up it will go on and then go blank again (black). The usage of the system in itself is easy, great handling and awesome capacity for the entire size of it. The programs were of the greatest that I had had in a long time and miss it terribly. It was a perfect companion for everywhere that I went and the travels it went through. Still will try to get it back in order because of all of information it has stored, the graphics and powerpoints that are also in its large brain but in a small casing. The sleek design and ports of possibilities were theoretically endless, speed and productivity were simply phenomenal and it seems as if i had lost my best friend when his lights just went out. The sound system was out of this world for as little as the component was and as I said earlier the capacity was enormous and almost neverending. As a companion and friend for life this would be an object of utter desire that I would tell, advise and would wish on anyone that would have the opportunity of decision.

Breaux Bridge, LA


Everything I need, awesome quality, great support


The Dell Latitude d610 is the most amazing laptop I have ever owned.  It is thin and light, yet super powerful.  I just upgraded to 2 gigs of Ram and wow it flies.  Programs open and close in the blink of an eye.  The wireless lan card is wonderful.  It can go on any network anywhere.  The wireless internet conection is also very good.  I can be like 200 feet away from the router and still get an amazing signal.  The hard dirve is big enough to store everything I need and it easily adds zip drives with the 3 high speed USB ports.  It includes a video out port that I use with a VGA to HDMI cable to watch movies from Netflix on my big screen tv.  The battery is also great.  I don't think this laptop has ever died.  The battery life must be like 10 hours.  It's wonderful.  I also like that it came with Windows XP Pro and not Home.  Much more stable and includes better updates I think.It also come with Dell movie maker software which you can make all kinds of home movies, great if you have little ones you want to embarass in a few years.

Brandon, FL


My Dell Latitude suits my purpose for what I use it for.


I bought my Dell Latitude laptop to take with me while I am working out on the road. I work pipe line construction. I use it to keep up with my e-mail, do my banking, check my portfolio, and just surf the net. It has all the essential items I need to perform the things I need to do. It is light weight and very portable. It fits in a rather thin case and all of the accesaries associated with it are in it. I can either run it off the Lithium-ion battery or from a regular 110 volt standard house current. The screen is very clear with great color. It has multiple mouse units to use. The keyboard is easy to use. The speakers are very disstinct & clear. It plays DVD"s well. When surfing the web it is pretty quick, depending on the connection speed where I am using it. When I am home I take it to my shop and use it there to research a proceedure on an automobile, to look up parts, check bullitens, and just surf the web sometimes. This keeps me from going from the shop to the house to use my desktop computer. The installed Wi-Fi card has a good range as my wifi router is located in my house which is about 50 to 75 feet from my shop. I am well pleased with the performance in that respect.That is about all I can say about the Dell Latitude C610 laptop. I wish it had more memory in it. I am going to upgrade that in the near future. Other than that I like it real well.  

Belmont, OH


Dell Latitude c610 Notebook PC

4.4 5