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Dell Latitude Notebook PC

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The Dell Latitude D800 is great for school!


blazing speed, uncompromising image quality and without a doubt a wide variety of features to enhance your creativity. its a combination of powerful high end mobile processors, leading, state of the art graphics and a stunning aspect of displays. many design elements.its lightweight and was actually a gift. a great gift at that. as a freshman in colloge and no money to buy internet the dell d800 was great for me. wifi access and just enough space on the hard drive to save all my work for school. the only problem i've found is that the batterey life sucks and i cant burn dvd's. actually some blank cds i put it wont even read. but overall the dell latitude d800 is great for has an intel M pentium processor and i never have to worry about freezing up or moving slow and waiting for an window to appear or popup while im online goofing around or even just doing my homework, uploading my pictures, or listening to music. i can even watch movies. its wonderful.

Omaha, NE




I have used my Dell Latitude D800 Laptop for the past 3 years and I can definitely say it has been an enjoyable experience. It has all the capabilities of the new laptops with the right amount of hard drive space and ram you can be just as fast as one of the newer inspirons at under half the price. I currently use my laptop daily for about six and a half hours at a time just surfing the internet, checking my emails, taking surveys online, writing reviews (like this one), and doing classwork for college. When it comes to durability I have dropped, smacked, kicked, scraped and dinged this laptop and it still keeps on going, performing like nothing ever happened. I can say from personal experience with a D600 I did not have the same  results. One little bump and it quit completely, did not like to turn on at all. Yet, the D800 is a "practically" indistructable laptop with great specs and awesome speed. I would recommend this laptop to anyone on a tight budget who wants great performance from their pc.  

Knoxville, PA


Has served my needs very well


My Dell Laptop Latitude D800 provides all the spped and memory I requre to perform my writing and work tasks. My operating speed is as fast as I need. I have WiFi connection to the internet which allows me to roam the house as I need. I can laptop and view TV in the family room and if I am allowed I can use my computer at dinner-but I'm not. When we travel we take the Dell along and we keep in touch with our on-line world as needed. The price was right.  It fell way within my budget. I have all the software bells and whistles need for an author and conultant like me.

Tucson, AZ


Dell Latitude Notebook PC

4.0 3