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Dell Latitude Notebook PC

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Dell Latitude D505 Functional and Great for Business Purposes.


I have had this laptop since 2005.  I originally purchased it to take to school so that I could also do work, in addition to school projects.  I have quickbooks and a variety of other software installed.  I also have designed a website using this computer.  Now that digital cameras have become popular, I find that storage space of too many pictures is not good for this model.  It tends to choke when it gets to capacity.  But overall, I have only had one melt down and needed to change out the hard drive once in all these years.  It is durable and dependable.  It has a built in wireless card and I have been surfing the net for a lot of years.  The outside casing is strong and has survived a very rough lifestyle.  I would definitely recommend purchasing something new though through Dell.  I bought it directly from the website and built it to my own specifications.  The site is definitely the way to go.

San Diego, CA


A Latitude 505 It's great to be a laptop today


The Latitude 505 is a very great product,it helps me to do all of my homework assignments. As well as assist me in my daily activities on my space,face book.It gives my the freedom to do my work anywhere in my ouse I want to,and it also gives me the opportunty to complete my assignment on time,do to this freedom.I aslo enjoy the easy way it was to start up this product and learn all about it.I was able to learn the in and outs of this product with out much help from the books thst came with it.I did hands on and then I was up and ready to go snd now I love my laptop,I enjoy this computer more than my desk top one.I take this one to class with me and do an assignment in a short time and have alot of free time to all my other projects.Since I have gotton this Latitude 505 my assignment go by smoother and I have the spell check to help me out when I type fast and somtimes my fingers go to the wrong keys.It beep and indicate I need to go back and look at what I had just wrote down. But I truly am happy I purchase this Latitude 505 for my personal computer.

Cleveland, OH




I am writing this to let everyone know that anyone can be a PC user. I do not think it matters what age you are, you can always learn how to use a computer. I started using a computer 10 years ago. I knew very little about one when I first started. I did not even know how to access the internet, very little did I know what I had missed. I have talked to people that said; I don't know anything about a computer and don't want to learn. I told them a computer will take you any place you want to go,without ever leaving your home. I love my laptop because I can set and browse the internet and watch television at the same time. I do my banking on line, and do most of my Christmas shopping on line. I check my email most every day, sometimes more than once a day. I would say to you, if you have never tried to use a computer; give it a try and don't give up if you don't get it at first. It just takes a little practice and experimenting and you can learn to do anything. My first laptop is the Dell Latitude D505 and I have been very happy with the performance. I had to have some memory added and I have had it cleaned up a few times, but other than that it has done a great job for me. It is probably about 7 years old now and I still am very happy with it. I know alot of people that think they have to get a new computer every year. I am sure that there are lots of new updates and changes, but honestly how much do you need all of those things. I guess the thing about my laptop that really fustrated me was it got really slow. I had memory added and it was like day and night difference. I guess to sum it all up, I just want to say no matter what you might think anyone would enjoy having a computer.

Rogersville, MO


My doctor uses the same laptop as I do, so it must be a good one


One year ago, my husband gave me the best gift ever: my Dell Latitude D505 laptop computer! He purchased it used from Ebay, and we have never had a problem with it. Although I am a stay at home mom, I use it daily for a wide array of tasks such as: email, facebooking, reading blogs, utilizing recipe sites, research, photo storage, online shopping, watching Netflix and Fancast movies, watching dvds, and the list goes on. I keep my Dell laptop turned on most of the day because I find myself reaching for it often. The screen displays bright and colorful graphics and the built in speakers offer clear audio performance. My husband prefers my Dell over his almost new Gateway laptop, and my primary care physician uses a Dell Latitude D505 to access and store his patient notes and information. I hope to enjoy my laptop for many years to come because the D505 has been discontinued. But the next time I am in the market for a new one, you can bet I will be looking at Dell computers!

Watkinsville, GA


Dell Latitude Notebook PC

4.8 4