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Dell Latitude Laptop

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this laptop is the top


the laptop is good actually what drove me to buy it is the long battery life he has and srong design it just so heavy but i do not see it as big probleme




Fantastic little laptop,all the goodies.


This has been a fantastic laptop for me, which I have now given it to my son who is a US Marine.  He is now using this laptop in Iraq.  I love the wireless capability on board.  When using this laptop, I very rarely hooked a network cable into it to get access.  It is very lighweight, huge screen, and I have not had one ounce of trouble with it.  Parts such as an extra power cord are readily available as well.


Alachua, FL


Great basic computer to have at home.


This laptop will fulfill your basic needs.  It has all of the software on it I need for working at home, but it does need upgrading for any kind of gaming in your off-hours.  Sound is pretty good for a laptop - not the quality, the loudness.  It's a bit cheap-sounding, but it gets decent volume for doing presentations to small groups.  The touch pad is awful, and I've had to cover it up with cardboard so I don't keep sending incomplete emails!  The eraser-style mouse isn't the best, but functional.  I've added an optical mouse of my own and it works fine.  I miss having a number keypad, but few laptops have them.  I travel a lot, and this laptop is a bit heavy and bulky, but fits in most laptop bags.


Rochester, NY


reliable and good investment


i can't say enough regarding this laptop.i put it through a lot of hours and it still works great.the only con regarding this; and it may only affect mine; is the mouse acts crazy scrolling across the page at times. i have had it in to be checked and no one can find a reason for it.i have noticed that if i push the 'up' 'down' keys i can stop it from strolling.i now use an external mouse most of the time; but this still happens at times.that is the only con; other than the base becomes extremely hot; so i elevate the base giving it air flow; but this is a norm with lap tops i have used in the past.well worth the cost and i would stick with dell products


Suffolk, VA


Nice robust laptop for home/professional use


This is a very good laptop pre-widescreen era.  The maximum screen resolution is great at 1400 X 1050. Keyboard - decent with a blunt wristrest area that helps unlike the older laptops that had a sharper edge. It has both a touchpad and a trackpoint - caters to users who prefer one over the other. 802.11 b/g wireless is much better than the D600, it looks like Dell had a better wireless card in this. Video is decent with an ATI card.  If you are an advanced user and need multiple desktops and other features, try downloading ATI Hydravision from their website.  You may also like to use the freeware tool called Winroll, just google for it. Dell gives you the option of having a Dock with it that provides multiple USB ports and graphics with both DVI and VGA out.  You can add two external monitors to this by using one VGA and one DVI connector.  Windows XP recognises different hardware profiles for dock/undock modes, so you can seamlessly hot undock the laptop as well and the resolution will auto adjust to the new screen area.  Dell also sells spare batteries that can occupy the optical drive slot.  It comes with a DVD/CD-RW standard although the option to have a DVD-RW is available. You can hook it up to your TV via the S-Video port and enable it as a second monitor.  Enjoy online shows or YouTube videos on your TV or use it as a DVD player while traveling. I would recommend this even used as it is a robust laptop which can easily serve you well for about 5 years. 


Sterling, VA


Docking port is a great feature if you are changing locations.


This is a Dell Latitude D610 with a docking port feature. It is a fine little machine if you are in a situation where you need to consistently change locations. I move from home to work several days a week and the docking port feature is a must for this. No plugging and unplugging things. Just center it on the port and click it in. Everything is there and ready for action. I have two docking ports, one for work and one for home, which makes it even more convenient. If I needed one for my other job, I would certainly invest in another one. I must say this machine is about 4 years old and has handled all of the updates I've put on it and the expanded programs. I'm not comfortable with Vista yet but will probably load it sooner or later and I'm sure this machine will handle it quite well. It is still working up to speed and will play games quite well. Maintenance is easy and if you have to enter the DOS side to do some repair work, that part works well also. The case has withstood the years of moving around quite well also and doesn't seemto pick up scratches or marks very easily. It has one scratch that is visible in all those years of daily moving and use. This is one great machine. Hope I have it around for a long time to come.


Perry, IA


old computer but it's still going strong


I inherited this computer for my predecessor at work. 5610 with his laptop. I used it for a little while however I was also signed a brand-new IBM computer so I didn't use it as much as I probably should have. However, almost 6 years later this computer is still fully functional. Sure, it's battery will only hold charge for about 30 min., but other than that the computer works fine. We actually sometimes breakout this computer we have large events and need computers for checking purposes. If you're going to buy a Dell Computer you always want to make sure to get the latitude. Like all other latitudes, the latitude D6 10 is built well, his sturdy, and doesn't feel cheaply made like the interferon computers. The keyboard is comfortable on your hands and is very responsive. The trackpad still works wonderfully after all of these years. If you still have this laptop at home, consider giving it to a grandparent's that they can keep in touch with you over e-mail. Would make an excellent Internet computer.


Amityville, NY


Dell latittude works well after 4 years


I have been using this laptop for more than 4 years and it still works fine. I only had to replace the power charger once. I did not have to replace any other parts. The price of the laptop was very reasonable when I purchased it. The replacement power charger was generally easily available when I needed to change it. This laptop computer does not look fancy. However, it works very well for my daily tasks, such as word processing, spreadsheets, showing movies, playing games, and surfing the internet. Dell has a very web site for supporting their computers. Users can easily download hardware drivers and their updates from the web site. Dell customer support personnel were very friendly when I had to contact them over the phone. The only thing that can be improved for me is that it might get somewhat hot and noisy after a couple of hours use everyday. The design can be improved that it gets less noisy. I like this laptop and look forward to using it on a daily basis for the years to come. I hope Dell will have a better product when I need to purchase a new laptop computer.


Lake Zurich, IL


Great for school!


I bought 2 of these laptops, one for each of my sons. They like the big screens, and the speed at which they can surf the internet, and download speeds are faster too. It has a lot of different connections on the back which makes it very backwards- compatible with many peripheral devices. the scroll pad is big too, and has 2 right click, and 2 left click buttons. It makes it easier to select things with those buttons than tapping on the scroll pad. For a small computer it also has pretty good volume. Enough volume that I have to say 'turn it down' but if you want to watch a movie it comes in handy. Another feature that I like is that it has a DvD-rom which I did not expect and I was very pleased when they were included. there is also a slot to insert cards into for that kind of peripheral. Best of all they are wifi compatible, and network together with the other computers as well. For students this laptop is great. If your a gamer, not so great.


Danville, IL


Awesome Lap Top for the price!!1


This laptop has great built in speakers that my old (not a dell ) laptop did not have good ones i was very impressed.It is a good size it is not too big but big enough for what i need it for. I have been very pleased!


Newark, OH


Dell Latitude Laptop

4.0 29