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Dell Laptop

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A Solid but now-Obsolete Computer


A little surprised to see an option to review such an old computer system, but it was a good one back in its day, if now quite out of date. With Microsoft ending support for Windows XP in April 2014 though, not sure for how much longer it will continue to be a truly viable computer, unless one's technically savvy enough to change it to a Linux distro. If one's buying one of these machines used, the purchaser should try getting the docking station that goes with it as well, because that docking station is where the CD/DVD drive is mounted (in a removable module that can be swapped for a 3.5" floppy drive or a second hard drive), as well as a slot for a second battery, and many additional ports to connect things. Ease of Use Assuming that the computer is in good shape without any hardware faults such as failing circuity, keyboards, or hard drives, and that the drivers have been properly installed, it's about as simple and straight-forward to use as any other computer designed for Windows XP. However, because it is such a small computer, the keyboard can be kind of cramped and some may find it a bit tricky to use because of that. Battery Life The biggest issue I had with this computer would probably be the battery life- with a new battery, it had ok, if not spectacular battery life, even with the optional larger battery. However, those batteries seemed to wear out pretty quickly, and after a year or two, are virtually useless. And with the computer being as old as it is, finding a good replacement can be kind of a pain. Support & Service Nice and solid while it lasted, but these are long out of warranty, and parts are very hard to find anymore. Speed/Performance Back when these were new, they were solid performers, if nothing special- after all, it was intended as a buisness computer, not an entertainment or gaming machine, with correspondingly basic graphics and sounds. Of course, being as old as they are now, they can bog down running many modern websites and programs. If one intends to continue using one of these, upgrading the memory is highly recommended- on mine, swapping out the 512 MB module it came with for a 2 GB one out of a newer laptop that had died was like night & day when it came to performance. However, doing that can be a little tricky, as accessing the primary memory module requires removing the keyboard. The available hard-drives are also way too small by modern standards, and as the design used a form of IDE instead of the SCSI connections used on modern laptops, finding a compatible one as a replacement for a dying/dead one or a larger one as an upgrade can be quite difficult. Design Nothing exciting or awkward- it was designed as a buisness system, and its being boringly functional reflects that. Durability I've had one of these for many years, first as a primary laptop for school, and then as a back-up, and it's served me very well in that time with only a couple things going wrong (a power supply/charger died, and have gone through a couple batteries), and some wear from my hands and watch on the case, and some bruising of the LCD screen.




good for the price


This is a wonderful laptop and has many cool features.  It packs a very sleek design that is easy to store and travel with.  It also includes a visually stunning screen packed with an incredible resolution better than no other.  I would definately recommend this pc for any type of techy.  The possibilities for it are endless.  That is dell for ya!


Fishers, IN


a great deal


This dell is a great computer. It has all the basics included like microsoft office. The basics are there for you when you need them. It is a great starter computer. Try it out for yourself and you will see the difference. Test drive it today! There are some great bargains out there so look everywhere. Even look at the dell website for coupons to making this a better buy. You wont be dissapointed with this dell. Its a great starter.


Schenectady, NY


Oh, My God.


This is really wonderful. I enjoy it alot! Everyday i get on and do somethin like check my email or just surf the web. i love youtube. its very easy to upload videos o this laptop. my wife and i enjoy it alot. she probably uses it more than me but oh well. i really bought it for the both of us. i also love to play games on it. very high resolutin screen. great for playing games like halo 3.


Grand Prairie, TX


wow isnt this out dated


as far as laptops go dell doeses make a fairly easy to use system. although the computers they mass produce such as the afore mentioned tend to overheat as well as crash. my system from dell is the lattitude d630. from the factory it came with a fingerprint reader, and smartcard reader. the security is somewhat state of the art biometrics interfaces are a good thing but at the same time if i am asleep someone could use my hand to turn it on but i like the bloody thing none the less.


Canton, OH


not suggested for people without computer experience


since purchasing this computer, i have had a number of problems with it.  I am not forced to constantly back up all information as i have it crash twice in teh last year with substatial data loss.  When rebooted the computer runs great, but after a few months of use the processor slows down, and it begins to get choppy, until the inevitable crash.  I don't think would suggest this model to most people, it is too much trouble annoyance.


Marietta, GA


Solid laptop with great service


My first laptop from Dell. I purchased it 3 years ago. Its specifications are considered low nowadays, however, after upgrading the memory to1024M, I find it capable of handling most of the modern applications on the market. I wouldn't recommend playing 3D video games on it, as it will get very slow. Other than that, I'm satisfied with the computer so far. There was one minor problem with the hard drive, but the technician from Dell repaired it next day. Excellent service I'd say. 


Arcadia, CA


Dell Laptop

3.4 7