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Dell LCD Monitor

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LCD monitor thats awesome for movies.


I had owned a CRT monitor (those huge ones with big backs) for a long time and so I really desired a thinner monitor while in college because of limited space and this is the one I purchased. I have really loved this monitor.  It looks very sleek and cool and has a very good cosmetic appeal to it. I was a little nervous for the wideness of it for everyday computing, but I have really enjoyed it and have little to no issues having a widescreen versus the normal CRT lengths.  The only thing I ever notice different is sometimes my background image if it's a picture will seem a litle stretched.  But, online, and looking on websites, it doesn't seem any different to me. And this guy is great for video watching.  I would many times lay on my bed and use a little remote and watch movies and tv on my computer that seemed like I had a tv in my room but actually just this monitor on my computer.   The video on it seems very crisp and clear and I'm really glad it has both the RGB and the DVI plug ins on the back. I've used this monitor for 4 years and have probably at least 4 hours a day of the screen on and I still haven't seen any degradation or trouble with it.  Great monitor in my opinion!


Dickinson, ND


Dell LCD Monitor

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