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Dell LCD Monitor

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legendary 30 incher...indeed!


Even after many year since its debut (probably 5+ years from now?)...with the advancement of the technology, Dell 3007wfp still hold its place because of the IPS technology used and also the ultra high resolution. As a frequent CAD/CAM designer as well as a freelance photographer, the monitor provides accurate color without the need of calibration. The QWUXGA (2560x1600) resolution facilitated my design workflow. You can open many windows at once and compare the results from them at the same time. In order to achieve this ultra-high resolution, a dual-link DVI cable and the support from your graphic card are required. Due to the nature of a IPS screen, the response time are not as speedy as the TN panel, but I don't do a whole lot of gaming so I can live without it. The color rendition as well as the viewing angles are superb, it also can be used for your multimedia purposes but I would suggest you to get a cheap LCD TV, the colors are not as saturated compare to the latter.


Houston, TX


Can't imagine anything better


I bought this monitor to replace the one that came from the factory when I bought my desktop 3 years ago.  Found this one at a local store and decided the price was good.  I love the shape of this screen compared to the square one we had before this - it makes it easier to view some websites.  I can also open 2 different screens/programs and have each window side by side so that can view both at the same time.  The color and brightness are great.  I can't imagine wanting or needed anything more than this screen has.  There is a large menu of options that I never use.  Just used them when I first bought the monitor to see what was there and to get it set the way I wanted it.  I believe it has the energy star logo on it, so that is great it uses less energy.  I heard someone tell me that these monitors use less energy but are terrible for the enviroment when they are made.  Then I look at all the plastic and imagine all the stuff inside my computer's tower and I'm sure none of it was GREAT for the environment when it was made....  Monitor works great!


Escanaba, MI


Dell LCD Monitor

5.0 2