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Dell Inspiron i570 Desktop PC & 20" LCD Monitor Bundle (I5707685NBK)

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Dell Inspiron i570


I own one of these computers and have had it for 2 years, it has been an exceptional computer. I am taking on-line classes at the community college in my area and use it everyday to research, download, socialize and just to search sites of interest. Ease of Use My Dell Inspiron i570 is very easy to use in every way, it downloads fast, and has been a very reliable PC. Hardware Quality I have had no problems with the quality of the hardware of this Dell. I would definitely recommend this computer for high quality hardware. Support & Service I have only had to call support one time for troubleshooting while I have owned this computer. The support team was very friendly and helpful. I did have to wait a while to get through to customer service, but was treated so well when I did get through that waiting didn't seem like such a problem. Durability This computer has been very durable, I have moved several times and it has stood up to a lot of abuse but keeps on working the same way it was when I first purchased it. No problems. Design The design of the Dell Inspiron i570 is somewhat basic, but I didn't buy it for appearance so I am very satisfied with the appearance. Performance I have had NO problems with the performance of this product, It always performs well in any situation I need it for.




I guess you get what you pay for.


I wouldn't buy it again. Ease of Use very easy to set up. Hardware Quality After a copule of weeks ended up getting a red line on my monitor and can't get it fixed....not support help either. Support & Service not a lot of help. Durability you get what you pay for. Design comparable to whats out there. Performance After only having for 2 weeks I have had numerous problems with this computer.


San Antonio, TX


Dell Inspiron i570 Desktop PC & 20" LCD Monitor Bundle (I5707685NBK)

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