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Dell Inspiron desktop computer

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Mediocre Desktop At a Good Price


I have had a Dell Inspiron 518 since April of the year 2008. I originally bought it to play some low-middle level PC games such as the popular Counter-Strike Series including Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter Strike: Source and it ran both to a playable point. The problem was with Counter-Strike:Source. It was not a enormous issue but I did experience generally slow loading times and a mediocre FPS while in-game. With that aside - this is not a gaming computer. It will play older games but don't expect a power-house. I would suggest this computer if you are looking for a good general home PC for Internet Browsing, Emailing, Word Processing, and the occasional Browser Based Game such as those found on Facebook. I did a lot of Graphic Design and Video editing and must admit I experience numerous moments of lag and slow down. This computer will last a long time if you keep it clean and updated with it's drivers.

New York, NY


The Dell Inspiron 518 is a great home office computer.


The Dell Inspiron 518 is a great home office computer. I have never had any problems from the system. I have had several Dell computers, because I like to upgrade my system often if possible. I am a web designer and graphics designer. I have used other brands of computers, but none have been as good as the Dell systems that I have had. There are minor problems at times, but Dell usually provides an outstanding product. The Dell Inspiron 518 computer has been very reliable and can handle my programs that require massive amounts of power from my system. The Dell Inspiron 518 doesn't freeze up on me when I run my creative software like other systems have. I use my computer for game coding as well as graphics and every program runs with ease. Web design software takes a powerful RAM to run, but the Dell Inspiron 518 does it with ease. I can run multiple programs on my computer and everything runs fine.

Bulls Gap, TN


Vista was a very poor choice


This was a brand new computer that was given to me as a gift. Dell rocks but this Vista program sucks. Because it was given as a gift I had no input on the software or the hardware. Vista is not compatible with some files I had made in Windows 2007. Most people do not have Vista therefore they can't read the files I have made on this computer. I also would have liked it to also have had an  A drive, floppy, besides the CD drive.

Little River, SC


Thus far, my Dell Inspiron 518 desktop computer is excellent!!!


I received my new Dell Inspirion 518 desktop computer March 12, 2009. My old computer was a Dell also. I had always had very good luck with it, but after all it was seven years old so I was due for a new one. I was very impressed from day one with my new Dell. It took me a while to get used to the new Vista, but now that I have I find I like it much better. My new Dell is so much faster. The web pages open so much  faster and downloads are much faster too. I especially like the Photo Gallery and the fact that I can burn my photos to a DVD. There is an owner's manual on the computer that tells me everything that I would ever need to know. I just need to type in the subject of my problem and it will direct me to information about it. It also has Dell Remote Access service which is free. I did have a problem with my display the other day and when I went to the Dell Remote Access it told me what the problem was and it directed me to download a Graphic's card. Anyway, I am very, very happy with my new Dell Computer.

Moline, IL


Dell Inspiron desktop computer

4.3 4