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Dell Inspiron computer

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Meet My New Slim, Multi-Media PC


Bottom-Line: I am mostly happy-so far-with my choice of the ***Dell Inspiron 580s.*** The slim-line desktop performs well, but the HDMI issue is vexing and disappointing. As I was putting together my new multimedia entertainment systems, it dawned on me that I might want a nice powerful multimedia computer to go along with it.  I have developed a habit of late of getting my C D's from the library, ripping them and storing the MP3's on a centralized server.  Most I play through my computer and portable MP3 player, but now I wanted to be able to play them through my newly acquired *Denon AVR-2310ci* Audio/Visual receiver.  At the end of my search I settled on the ***Dell Inspiron 580s ***with an *Intel Pentium G6950 Dual-Core CPU @ 2.80GHz* and the aforementioned HDMI port and *Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.*  **The Inspiron 580s** The ***Inspiron 580s*** is the slimed down little brother of the larger *Inspiron 580* mid-tower computer, and as such has limited upgrade potential.  The chassis is large enough to ship with a 500GB SATA 2 7200rpm drive, and 4GB of DDR3 RAM (expandable to 16GB), (6) USB ports, 16x DVD+/- RW drive, 11-n-1 media card bay, (4) PCI-e expansion slots, 7.1 surround sound audio, RJ-45 (Networking) port, and an HDMI output port.  The sleek black unit houses a 2.80GHz *Pentium G6950 CPU *with 3MB SmartCache on a 1333MHz FSB.  The small footprint ***Inspiron 580s*** has only (2) USB 2.0 ports in the front of the unit, which is standard practice even on larger desktops, but (4) in the rear of the unit.  And both the 16x DVD drive and media car reader sit behind hinged door; the overall effect is clean, uncluttered unit with only hard drive and power lights to show that its even functioning.  Did I mention it's quiet and slipped effortlessly into the 4.5" x 17" slot I made for it in my home entertainment system cabinet? On the rear of the ***Inspiron 580s***'s chassis, Dell placed four USB ports bring the total up to (6). The computer also offers 7.1-channel surround sound, a gigabit Ethernet port, a VGA port, and an HDMI port, but interestingly (and somewhat disappointing) enough lacks DVI port, users who lack HDMI display support will have to settle for plain ole VGA. **HDMI Audio Issues ** For the most part I like my new ***Dell Inspiron 580s*****. ** The unit is mostly a winner for me.  The size and weight were exactly what I needed them to be and the ***Inspiron 580s*** performs quite well thanks in large part to the ultra-fast *Intel Pentium G6950 Dual-Core CPU*, 4GB of DDR3 Dual-Channel RAM, and 7200rpm 500GB hard drive under the hood.  This means that the slim-line runs *Windows 7 Home Premium *really, really fast.  However, there is a vexing issue with the HDMI driver set that shipped with the PC, and the issue is not limited to the ***Inspiron 580s.  ***I bought the ***Inspiron 580s ***in large part because of the HDMI port which I connected to my A/V receiver in order to output video and audio.  There are no issues with the video output, it's stunning as expected, but the audio is off and on.  Let me explain. When I initially turn on the ***Inspiron 580s,*** or wake it from sleep, I can hear the Windows 7 audio.  Open *Windows Home Media Center* and the audio remains; chose an album to play and the first track plays, but fast forward: no audio!  Go back: no audio.  If I let the album play naturally-meaning no skipping ahead, or back-the audio also remains.  Once gone the audio only returns after I cycle through the speaker choices on my A/V receiver.  This has happened time and again even after I switched HDMI ports on the A/V receiver.  So naturally I went to Google for a solution only to find that my experience was by no means unique; there are numerous forum threads pages long devoted to this issue and there does not seem to be a solid answer to the dilemma.  I have downloaded the latest drivers Intel HD video drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled the *Real-Tek* driver set (the HD audio drivers are theirs), all to no avail. **Note:** this issue seems to be limited to Windows PC's only and to Windows 7 RTM only; Windows XP and Windows Vista users do not seem suffer from the same vexing malady.          **My Viewpoint** HDMI audio issues aside, I am satisfied-so far-with my choice of the ***Dell Inspiron 580s***.  The desktop is a performance winner, especially when mated with *Windows 7 Home Premium*.  I like the increased processing power, increased storage, and increased memory this unit brings to the multi-media table.   


Aurora, IL


Love my Dell


Over the years i have owned all pc computers with windows operating systems, and i have owned many brands from hp, compac, e-machines, sony and now only will be a Dell user from here on out. I always used to hesr that Dell computers weren't very good, but i had to ask myself, why do most businesses use only Dell computers if they aren't a great product. This is now my second Dell computer and might i add that my first Dell lasted almost eight years before i bought this model. I never had a problem with my first Dell and i have had this model for almost a year now and it's better than my first one. This computer can pretty much do anything and in my opinion has plenty of space on the hard drive to store important documents. It's also a very fast operating speed and the graphics are absolutely amazing. Dell computers are a little more expensive than some brands, but if you want something that will last for years and be worth every penny you spend, i would highly reccomend this model to anybody out there looking for a great pc.


Bakersfield, CA


It's easier to fix if you have a problem.


It's not a bad computer but I guess you have too know a little something about computers. I just don't know alot. But I have had it  for about a month and 1/2 . It works well but I counldn't get it to work with Nortons anti-virus and it came with the computer already installed, i had to buy a different anti-virus. That was the only thing that I had trouble with. It is easier too fix with about 10 minutes and a couple click of the mouse you can have it back to the way it came when it was purchased. And oh by the way I got windows XP because I have been hearing the troubles people are having with windows Vista. I gave it 4 stars because the last dell computer I got was not easy to fix as this one was.


New Castle, DE


I love my Dell Inspiron 530s Desk Top Computer


This desk top computer is my first from dell in the past I have had dell lap tops so when I purchased this one I expected great computing because of my dealings with dell with my laptops. I have to say when I was ordering this desk top I went all out I got 4GB of Ram and a 750GB Hard Drive with 22" wide screen LCD monitor with JBL surround sound speakers with a powered sub woofer and wireless internet module and key board and mouse I also got a DVD burner and the best video and audio card they had at the time. I have to tell you I am very impressed with this computer it is super fast with great movement and great speed no matter what booting up, checking email, surfing the web or down loading music or videos it is fast at it all. It rarely freezes up only when it is my fault having too much stuff going at once and trust me it takes allot to freeze it up. The picture couldn't be better with the LCD monitor it beats a big bulky monitor any day it is a beautiful picture. The sound is out standing with 7.1 Dolby digital surround sound with the JBL surround sound speakers it rocks so hard I love it. This computer is a great one and I will buy my next one with dell because they offer the best warranty around on desk tops and lap tops I would tell any one that can get this computer you wont be sorry I cant be happier with it is by far the best purchase of a computer I have made.


Irving, TX


woot woot to this desktop computer


ok so this is what computer our work is making us use. and to tell you the truth i like it! a lot! i mean its useable everyday. ive been using it for over a year now. its a fast computer and its looks very good with its many features and applications. it won't take up a lot of space. so for me its perfect as i have to do lots of research on this computer and need room to draw and take notes by hand. its easy to restore, hold everything nice and clean, the system performance is unbelievable, it is very easy to upgrade it and you will love it. but the reason i didnt give it 5 stars is because when you download it might freeze, its kinda expensive for people who don't get the computer from their work. and you know what i gave this product a 4 but the dell customer support deserves 2 stars. i dont know if im the only one with the problems with them, but once i called about my computer freezing when i try to download adobe photoshop. and they told me i can try to restart it and if it doesnt work, either send it to repair or not download photoshop


San Diego, CA


It's not the best and could be better


  I bought this Dell for school about 1 week ago. The good part about this Dell Inspiron  530s computer is that it runs well. Having it hooked up to a good quality internet service is great but the thing is that the screens freeze a lot and I have to stop and start the computer often when  I have to down load many things and if for some reason it is a long down load, it will freeze. No shutting down the down load. Shut the computer off and start again. It comes back fast though. Great screen and it is clear and large for a 19 inch. It has many options to change screens and colors. Don't open more than 2 tabs though. That can also make the computer freeze. I like that it has the option to lock the computer. I have children and don't want them to get onto my schoolwork. It has numerous features added so make sure you have time to read the manual before you start working with your computer.


Grove City, OH


The Dell Inspiron 530S is far superior to my previous Dell


I am a home based travel agent and must have a fast, efficient computer.  My new Dell Inspiron is so much faster than my previous Dell which was approximately 5 years old.  I no longer have to wait to connect to my office and one of the best features is that it is "Energy Star".  I don't have to feel guilty about leaving my computer on for 12 to 16 hours a day - 7 days a week.  Prior to purchasing my new Dell, I did my homework.  I would recommend purchasers know how much memory they need and spend the extra money, if necessary, for a system that is going to last several years.  I have owned several different brands of computers in the past however Dell is the best investment so far.    Dell online help and the Help Desk are excellent tools if you have questions or need assistance with your new computer.  The representatives are friendly and efficient.  I highly recommend Dell!!


Diamondhead, MS


Fast and fun---Dell Inspiron 530S is great!


My **Dell Inspiron 530S desktop computer** is great for home use.  It has: CPU E2200 @2.20 GHz 3.00 GB Ram Total size of hard disk(s)382 GB  Disk partition (C:)166 GB Free (223 GB Total)  Disk partition (D:)5 GB Free (10 GB Total)  Display adapter type    Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family  Total available graphics memory     286 MB        Dedicated graphics memory     0 MB        Dedicated system memory     128 MB        Shared system memory     158 MB  Display adapter driver version  Primary monitor resolution     1024x768  DirectX version     DirectX 9.0 or better Its base score is 3.3 but I haven't had trouble doing any of the online searches, email, etc. that I normally do. The only negative I have, is that with all the USB peripherals that are available, it only has 2 ports available on the front and all the back ones are designated.  There should be more on the back for necessary items, such as the printer and network adapter.  The front is currently being used for a usb hub that is also half full.  The flat screen monitor has great color and is either digital or analog capable.  This computer came with the analog already connected.  If I were more adventurous I would check out the digital capabilities too.  I went to Intel site and downloaded and installed the appropriate accelerator driver for this model and it flies during searches.  It is much faster than my network computer for the school system where I work.


Wilson, NC


Dell Inspiron 530S desktop computer


**Pros:** easy to open and upgrade. decent amount of room inside the tower to fit an additional graphics and sound card. mother board, processor, and power supply are very accessible. good size hard drive. over all good computer for the price. **Cons:** a little noisy sometimes. the RAM could be 4gb instead of 3gb. (4gb daul channel DDR2 is better than a single channel 3gb DDR3.) mother board has room to fit another PCI-e slot AND another PCi standard slot for a sound card (the onbord **Summary: **It's alright, but I was surprised that the hard drive started failing after not even 3 years. For at least 2 months CHKDSK is starting before each boot and is deleting index files. I scanned the hd and it has bad sectors. Now I am in the process of buying a 1TB hard drive and reinstalling everything. I upgraded the RAM to 4GB, Graphic card is nice. I am playing WoW without problems.


Westerville, OH


Dell Inspiron 530S desktop is legit


Dell is actually my favorite provider when it comes to buying prebuilt PCs. I own two Dell PCs, and three Dell laptops. I like collecting a lot of computer parts and old computers, and that is why I have so many. Configuring networks is my passion. At work, I've used the Dell Inspiron 530S desktop to troubleshoot for the faculty and staff at my university. People who complain about Dell computers obviously have problems because they don't know how to take care of their own computer. I've owned so many computers throughout my 27 years of living, and I can say the only computers you should be worrying about are the ones that come preinstalled with Windows Vista x64. They always give issues after updates or what not. Solution: upgrade to windows 7. Like I said in my previous post, if you're looking for a decent computer to do work on, or just to chat or do things via internet, this will surely do the job. . In addition, you are getting your money's worth.  


San Jose, CA


Dell Inspiron computer

4.1 54