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Dell Inspiron Notebook PC

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Left control button is lousy - otherwise computer is OK


I just bought a new Dell Inspiron 1580 to replace a 4-year-old laptop. This is my 5th laptop; so, I am not a new laptop owner (just the owner of a new laptop.) Everything is fine, except the very important left mouse button. (You would think it would be called something else, when there is no mouse.)  This button has some kind of modern day boggart* in it. When I try to highlight text, my text moves to some other place on the page. This is not a happy situation when I'm copying and pasting code. When I try to choose an item in a dialog box list by double clicking, it ignores me. So, I end up tying addresses in the link box in Dreamweaver, instead of chosing them, which is also not a happy situation because I tend to reverse letters. This function has worked fine on every other computer I have used. Sometimes while I'm highlighting the dear boggart erases the highlighting right behind me. So, the last couple of words or characters are highlighted, but the rest isn't. Maybe Dell sent the boggart as a Freebie, but it was a Christmas present I could have one without. *A boggart  is a household fairy which causes things to disappear, milk to sour, and dogs to go lame.  

Missoula, MT


Dell Inspiron Notebook PC

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