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Dell Inspiron Notebook PC

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Awesome Portability & PINK . . . way cool ! ! !


Well, unfortunately, I have to pretty much enter most of the description of this computer.  Although I'm computer literate in the "user" sense?  I'm not so literate in the complexities of the system, so . . . Upgrade to HD LED and better performance with the HD Entertainment Laptop. Upgrades above our featured Dell 15 Laptop include: - The High Definition Bright LED display with 900p resolution. - More memory for better performance - 4GB. - A larger hard drive with 500GB of storage for your media & memories. - An longer life battery with a 6 cell battery that provides 50% more battery life. - An integrated webcam. This 15in LED widescreen pink laptop is packed with many multimedia features so you can browse the Internet, check email, share photos, and listen to music. The built in wireless card, integrated sound card, integrated webcam, and media card support a varity of work and entertainment options. The dual layer DVD RW, CD RW drive allows you to create customized CDs and DVDs. The Intel Pentium Dual Core processor, coupled with upgraded memory (4GB) and hard drive (500GB) provide outstanding computing performance. Protected by Norton 360 Security software and 2 year warranty. Given all that?  I absolutely LOVE the portability of finally having a laptop back.  I've been lost without one.  And when I travel internationally so much, this will really come in handy.

Bay Pines, FL


great computer


I really like this computer i chose the color i wanted i actually got it for my daughters 8th birthday but she lets me borrow it. The only thing we have had problems with is the windows vista i dont really dig it so i prefer windows xp so i prefer to use my desk top wich is a dell too. i decided to purchase nothing but dell computers because i truly believe they are the best machines around. i also have so many features on this laptop that up to now i still haven't found a way to use them like for example the tv tuner already had this laptop for a year and not once have i used this feature, another item i haven't used is the web cam if i knew i would'nt be using these things i would'nt of got them in the first place and probably got it cheaper but hey me daughter loves it and she also requested the color and finger print reader but i do have parental control so i don't worry about it much. But hey besides it all its a great computer.

Los Angeles, CA


Quality and dependability without compromising.


This is the second laptop that I've ever owned.  The first one was smaller and weighed almost 10lbs. Compared to that, this Dell is a feather! The one that I have has 4 USB ports, 2 on either side, as well as a DVD +/- RW drive. There is also a spot for SD cards. Ethernet connections are available on the back along with modem/landline connections. Inside, I know that it has a built-in wireless card, which makes wi-fi hotspots easy. If needed, you can still connect a wireless/portable modem to one of the USB ports. Mine came pre-loaded with Windows Vista, which I had hesistated to buy for my desktop. I have found that the OS is easy to use and all of my documents and programs that I use with Windows XP goes along with Vista quite well. At the bottom, I have a touchpad with two keys that approximate the left and right buttons on a normal mouse, however, I use a wireless mouse that comes with a detector that connects into a USB port. I would recommend getting a cooling pad. This just makes it easier to keep the laptop from overheating and puts something between whatever surface you have it sitting on and the laptop.

Hermitage, TN


The dell insprion 1500 is the best computer i've ever owned.


The dell inspiron 1500 is absolutely the best computer i have ever owned.  I've owned many computers from desktops to labtops and have found that dell makes the best.  Dell computers are very easy to work on especially the desktops.  My labtop has been the fastest computer i've ever had the privilage of owning.  The dell company made it very easy to use.  A kid could operate the inspiron 1500.  For all the software and hardware that the dell inspiron 1500 comes with, it is prices exceptionally low.  It is very affordable for everybody.  This certain computer loades very quickly and operates at high speeds.  I like it because you can take it anywhere you go.  Also, dell has a customer support number you can call anytime.  They will help you with any problems you have with the inspiron 1500.  I reccommend the dell sinspron 1500 to anybody that is serious about owning a very good, very fast, cost efficient labtop computer.  Thank you dell for making the inspiron 1500.   Sincerely,   David Lewis

Middlesboro, KY


Dell Inspiron Notebook PC

4.5 4