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Dell Inspiron Notebook PC

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decent laptop but not expected to last long time


Purchasers shouldn't expect the laptop to last indefinitely, especially in such a highly competitive laptop market that exists today.  But, this laptop is ok for first time users who don't want to shell out a lot of money just to see if a laptop is for them.  I found the keyboard layout to be uncomfortable and cumbersome; those coming from a traditional desktop will have a hard time adjusting.


Media, PA


Not bad, but needs repairs often.


All in all , this Dell Laptop has served me pretty well. However it doesnt quite have the speed I would have hoped. Dell home service the 1st time was a little slow, however, when i used them recently they were much better.  This notebook was a little heavy too. The newer ones certainly are much lighter.  Customer service was a little hard to understand, due to the fact, very few knew any english.


Beech Grove, IN


Dell always at your side


Dell Inspirion 1150  has been the best choice I have ever made.  I have this laptop for quite some time and never had any hardware or major problems with it.  I had questions at the beginning and have to say the technical assistant were always willing to help.  I recommend Dell laptop to anyone who is not so computer literate because the customer service  is very helpful.  When purchased it came with specific instructions that were easy to use even for dummies. The cd burner has been great and easy to use. This burner has gotten the most use.  Inspiron 1150 has great storage and easy to plug external speakers I use it to play music instead of the stereo. I has great sound. The screen is bright and spacious. Well made and durable. Not to mention this laptop although it doesn't come fully loaded it was great in price.  Dell makes financing as well as the products very affordable.  I know my next laptop will be a Dell as well.   


Yonkers, NY


I like it, I love it!


My laptop is a Dell Inspiron, my boyfriend helped me pick it out actually. It's awesome compared to the windows 95 I had for forever almost. Movies come out awesome on it. Music sounds awesome on it. My web cam works great with it and the skype program. My photoshop programs work with it very well. It's a miricale worker for my college classes for I would be stuck big time if I still had the windows 95 desktop. All my computer games and software that I have work and coroporate awesome with it's system. I have to admit  for a Intel Pentium/ Windows Vista Laptop it works very awesome compared to other stories I heard of windows vista. It get's my work done. I have gotten to be a pro with the touch mouse pad on it even though I have a wireless mouse to use for computer art work. Myspace comes up awesome and my instant messanger program Trillian. I am able to do so much more with this computer than my last one. I love it!


Eustis, FL


Dell Inspiron 1520: Get it if price is your biggest worry.


I liked it a lot, especially since i paid less than half the price i would have paid for a macbook (im a poor college student). i got it last year around thanksgiving time and it has been doing everything its supposed since then, but recently ive been having problems because the computer ALWAYS overheats, even when im only doing things like checking my email or surfing the web. and if the screaming fan isn't enough, it sometimes decides to just shut down on me completely with nothing but a click. its really annoying, especially if im in the middle of something important like reviewing my bills or writing papers. this may or may not happen to a lot of dell users but for me, i think i would go for something a little pricier but with better quality. but since i only got it a year ago, im probably not going to buy another one anytime soon :(


La Jolla, CA


Dude, I got a Dell...forever ago.


The Dell Inspiron 1150 was pretty schnazzy...once. Probably about a year before I bought one. But it has stuck by me through thick and thin since 2004. It has had it's share of viruses and major reconstructive work, but more than anything, I think time itself has worn on my dear old baby. It once worked at a pretty neat it crawls along laboriously, dragging itself onto the internet.  Even dear old Microsoft Word is a challenge these days. Basically, at five years old, this laptop is well and truly DONE. It can't handle much of anything anymore. But you know, that's a lot longer than the trade-in time, and I wonder how many of today's machines will still be functioning in five years? Number one bummer about this guy is - it's heavy. Thick and clunky by today's standards, but it was pretty neat back then. In short, I feel like hanging on to this thing means I'm owning a piece of laptop history. Born straight from the Dell era, when that guy in those ads was all over the place. Those were the days.


Boiling Springs, PA


Too hot and too short life!


I had my Dell for four years. It went dead on me and Dell didn't seem to care. When it was in use, it would always get very hot. Also, Dell has a lot of laptops that are quickly discontinued. I also don't like the fact that I have to speak to non English speaking representatives. I received four replacement parts that were incorrect because the representative misunderstood me. Also, when you call in, you are put on hold for long periods of times. Because of the language barrier, I am often sent to many departments that are not the correct department for my problem. Sometimes my call is disconnected during the transfer process. I will say this, when you return an item, make sure that you keep good records. I returned some items and was not reimbursed. It took almost a month to get Dell the proof that I had returned the items and to get a refund back to my credit card account. Keep great records!


Altamonte Springs, FL


Dont Buy This Laptop


i bought a **Dell Inspiron 1150 and at first it was a good laptop but then out of no where the plug on the back of the laptop became lose and dell did not want to fix it so i just wiggled it and kept using it then one day it wont even boot into bios dell wont admit the plug was faulty so im stuck with a dead laptop**


Nahunta, GA


My dell inspiron 1150 is a huge headache


The only time I have been happy with my dell inspiron 1150 was the day i got it. This laptop has been nothing but trouble. We have had multiple problems with it. Including the USB slots not working, the power cord not charging, the screen flickering and many other problems. I dont recomend this product to anyone.


Grawn, MI


Dell Inspiron Notebook PC

3.1 9