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Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (IM10184034CLB) Netbook

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It is OK.


I love how this little guy looks. It is small and light and turning it on the screen is bright and the buttons aren't too small that you can't comfortably type. However after using it for only a month and only to browse online, no extra downloads or installations made, it started performing extremely slow. I made a backup disk upon first start up and have reset it back to its manufacture state in hopes that it was a bug and i'd eliminate it. I have got it working to where i'm not pulling my hair out, but even though it was cheap i'd rather shell out a little more and get something with a little better quality. Ease of Use It is very simple with the current operating system. The keys were easy to press, easy to turn on, very simple. Nothing too extreme about this netbook. Battery Life I was actually impressed with the battery life. I made sure to charge it fully the first time before using it and would have it off the charger for hours. I have put it on standby and stored it in its bag and pulled it out a week later and it still had over half a battery. I love knowing that if I were to forget the charger if I make sure to close it, it will still have life when I open it back up. Support & Service never had to use support or service so my input is irrelevant. Speed/Performance This was my main issue. The speed just wasn't up to par. It started off great but after only hours of use it started stalling continuously. Design Love the design. Durability I have kids, it's survived without a blemish.



Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (IM10184034CLB) Netbook

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