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E 1705
Dell Inspiron E1705 Notebook PC

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Dell Inspiron E1705 Notebook PC


it's great




The best ever


Beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful to further their ups _____________________ will bet that Ola It is a nice product and can not be described only by talking .______________   Experience the best proof ________________ No doubt you will enjoy the use of either a personal or practical Edna do not have an idea when you look at him, but try and enjoy it. (I would not recommend skipping the opportunity available)


Saudi Arabia


Dell's was wonderful. for me


My name is zhangjing .I am an IT helpdesk engineer and have had several laptops, whether for game, business, or personal use. The Dell Inspiron E1705 has been the most reliable and consistently preforms above my business computer even though the business laptop is newer, has more memory, and higher end hardware. The case on this laptop is relatively work -- not as strong as the IBM ,Apple ,Lenovo Thinkpad or other PC, but stronger than my past Dell Tabletops and slightly tronger than the HP laptops I order for my work. On the other hand ,This laptop is ideal for home or family use. The Room desk we have for a computer is quite small and very busy, so the notebook was a great way for us to maximize the space. The amount of memory that comes standard with this computer is plenty to my son for home use and it is for me to minimal business use. However, I have not been impressed with Windows 8, the software program that came installed with the computer. This machine comes with 2-year warranty. It hasn't needed service but I can tell you from my own experience that Dell's service was wonderful.




Decent laptop for its price


I've bought this 3 years ago while still going to college and I've still kept it ever since.  It's a decent laptop for its price if you can ignore for the slow processor compared to today's standards.  It's still a dual core at least.   Not like one of the other millions of cheap laptops sold out there with the "celery" processors (Celeron).   At least it's more powerful than that.  If you can find this cheap at all from any place, I would recommend getting this as it has enough juice to get most tasks done.  If you don't like the slow processors and memory, then I would advise to look elsewhere.  The battery is also pretty decent as I have yet to need to replace it every since I've bought this laptop 3 years ago.  It can last me 4-5 hours on a full charge, it's a great battery.  If you are in need of a decent budget laptop, I would highly recommend this Dell's E1705 laptop. I might buy another one as a spare for backup, it's that good!


San Gabriel, CA


Awesome Laptop


I am an engineer and have had several laptops, whether for school, business, or personal use.  The Dell Inspiron E1705 has been the most reliable and consistently preforms above my business computer even though the business laptop is newer, has more memory, and higher end hardware.  I am on the laptop daily to check email at the bare minimum.  On this computer I use a verizon wireless broadband card due to my travel schedule.  I also have a few games loaded on the computer and all have preformed very well.  The clarity and quality of the screen and graphics is superb.  I love the large screen.  The touch pad responds well and is not glitchy.  The sound quality is average and gets the job done.  I tend to just play music on low in the background so this was not a huge drag for me.  The battery life of the computer is top of the line.  Even after a couple years, it still has a couple of hours.  The keyboard has also held up great.  On one of my other laptops some of the frequently used keys wore out and would not respond. 


Brimfield, IL


Who needs a desktop? This one does everything


This laptop has completely replaced my PC. The computer is a great value. It is durrable, and dependable. I have had this computer for 2 years. I highly recomend the core2 duo processor and upgrading to the one with 4mb bus. I also had dell install the 256mb video card. With these affordable specks this laptop runs programs better than any computer I've seen. Performance is better though when it is running on A/C rather that the battery. The core 2 shuts down one of the cores when it is running on batery. The thing is heavy and bulky but worth it if you want the same performance of a desktop.


Grayslake, IL


not tobad for a laptop


my niece owns this computer and i get on it as often as im at her house it i like it for the games, music and other things like surfing the web its pretty fast compared to some others ive been someone whose always in a hurry its a good computer


Jackson, MI


Great notebook


I love this notebook. I have had no problems with it so far. I have not had to use the service yet ,but that is a good thing. I was told this product has excellent service.I bought this notebook mainly because of the good name dell has. I was not use to vista but it is very simular to xp. It is fast enough for me. I don't play games on it so i really don't have input on that. I do recommend this item.


Mertzon, TX


its aight i guess... i prefer sony


It's aight I guess... i prefer to use sony. sony is way better and has cooler looking laptops... they are also lighter. and if u buy a dell u can only order it online and then when u have to get if fixed... u have to send it in. fckmeprofcmr,e oimer[f,oew m[oqemk m, wel,o[p,ed oew,m[ om[owem km woqim eimrem kmakwmr omfoimegn  oim 9j mi mkmeoim  ek0kew ewkweokd ekewodkekq= woekekd m oekwop kok pok eopkepwok jj49jfire oifm i jmijr4 j jio joi joij oirjgeromfodmfijr ji joeijmfoierfi4jn n iejn oiqejif jqw490jf q0w9ejf qj4309 jq0j 0j 09jqejwoimdkkewifjerijg09jg09j jgijer jj q90jg0irjgiorjm r9koreko  ewrko0rk rkew0ork w90 wkerokf[wrek fwrkf=0r0eowkf0 weri=f0okwer ifer0i ref owerk okfpokewro


Galveston, TX


Great product, great value, easy to use.


I love this product.  It was really easy to set up out of the box.  I've owned Dells before and have always received great customer service.  This computer is also extremely durable, anytime I travel it comes along with me.  Overall, I feel this computer is a good value and fits all basic computing requirements.


Atlanta, GA


Dell Inspiron E1705 Notebook PC

4.3 44