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Dell Inspiron 600m Notebook/Laptop PC

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Great all-around entertainment center


My first year in college, I realized how necessary a computer was, and decided a laptop was the way to go. Being that I'm not too tech savvy, I did a bit of research into what my friends owned and what worked/didn't work. Dell came highly recommended because of the cost-friendly feature. I used my pell grant to pay for it. I'd like to thank the federal government :)I customized my Inspiron online with Dell.com and was able to get the features I needed and wnated- fast processor, memory, DVD R/W drive, CD-Rom drive, internal wireless card, surround sound speakers, Windows XP, Norton Antivirus, and a 6month free trial of AOL, and 3-4 years warranty and 24 hour customer service. You're also able to see how much each feature costs so that you don't overspend.Through the company I work for, I also received a 12% discount and was able to earn MyPoints for my purchase, which made it worthwhile. So check if your company or school has a discount program and you could save lots.I have had this laptop for 3 years, and it has never given me any real problems. The only problems I encountered were 1) the Dell battery recall but it was in my favor because my battery keeps its charge longer, and 2) the sound was not working but an online chat with some tech support made it an easy fix. Dell also has a security/support center that gives alerts on how to keep your computer running smoothly, like disk cleanup, virus scan, etc. It also has FAQs links for all your....well...frequently asked questions.Overall, it's been great and I still have it and support is still available for it. Dell does not sell it anymore, but the equivalent is a 1501 in case you're looking.


Taylors, SC


Like the energizer bunny...it just keeps on going....


I had this laptop for three years before my hubby bought me a new one. We gave this one to my brother in law and he still has it two later. It is a running little thing...I tend to be rough and demanding of my computers and this thing just kept right on performing as Dell said it would!


Poolville, TX


Great basic student laptop! Easy to use for simple tasks


I am a busy college student and I take my laptop everywhere. I probably abuse it more than I should and it's been through a lot: leaving it on all night, taken on planes, trains and cars and even dumped a half bottle of water on it! But it still works very well. Good value and very easy to use. My one major complaint is that the fan used to cool the computer is very loud!


New York, NY


OK but nothing to write home about


I got a good price for this laptop but am not sure I'd buy it again. It's heavy, in comparison with what's out there now - especially when you add in the weight of the power cord and other accessories. I bought it with a warranty that covers everything (dropping or spilling coffee on it, for example) and recommend that to anyone buying a laptop, just for peace of mind. I haven't had to use that warranty so cannot speak to the quality of Dell service these days. In the past it was stellar, and that's why I bought my first Dell many years ago. I hear darker stories of the decline of Dell service in more recent times - but that's probably true industry-wide. I rely on a desktop for most of my work (office and home) so only use the laptop occasionally. For that usage, it has served me well. But get a wheelie bag - don't try to lug it around in a shoulder bag.


Lookout Mountain, GA


Not my dream computer- far from it!


A few weeks after I received this laptop, I had to replace the motherboard as the entire system crashed.  Then I had issues with the power supply cord and had to replace it.  The battery life died rapidly, and now the monitor died.  This computer has given me nothing but problems, and I am glad to get rid of it.  Dell was not at all helpful in fixing the situation either, taking many hours of my time to fix a problem that could have been resolved in minutes.  I will think twice before purchasing another Dell anytime soon. 


Wake Forest, NC


A simple laptop with quality performance at a reasonable price


I've gotten the Inspiron 600m by Dell about three years ago and find it to be a very useful notebook. Understanding that my laptop is not so new, it still works the same as it did from the get-go and is considerably long-lasting. What more could you ask for than a reasonably priced laptop that lasts longer than one would expect? I find it to be cost-efficient and quality-made. A simple laptop that gives you the flexibility that you need without the technical difficulties; easy to use and easy to carry around. I am a college student so this fits perfectly for me, and would be perfect for anyone else who simply needs a simple laptop.


Riverside, CA


This computer is an excellent multitasking machine!


This has been my longest lasting laptop.  Which is saying alot because I have had several others in the last few years.  I have not had any problems with this laptop yet.  The computer is very smooth running.  The sound quality of the built in speakers is excellent.  The internal wireless card always connects to multiple access points.  This has been able to withstand a five year old handling it also!.


Moyock, NC


Love the computer wish it was a little lighter weight


Love the computer.  I've had it for two years.  No serious problems.  wish it was a little lighter weight but at the time I purchsed it, it was a lighter weight computer.  battery life not so great any more but I think that's cause it's older. 


San Diego, CA


Don't buy it without a warranty! It's not a good investment.


I've had more than enough issues with my laptop. I've had it for about four years now and have replaced my hard drive three times and the charger twice. The computer is extremely moody and crappy! I only deal with it because it was a gift, has a warranty, and I can't afford to buy another one.


Richmond, VA


It's great, because I was able to get a removable floppy disc pa


I love my Inspiron 600m. It is easy to use, fairly lightweight and I have replaced my PC with it. It has plenty of memory and I an download my picures easily and quickly. The keys aren't noisy when I type. The sound is excellent. Occasionally the A key doesn't type the A. You have to be sure you hit it dead center. This doesn't happen with any other keys. I spell check and proofread every thing I write. It is over two years old and I have never had any problems with it. When I bought it, Dell built it for me. I also ordered additional software which I wouldn't do again, because it was more costly ordering it through them than if I had purchased it in an office supply store. It runs Windows XP and I have never had a problem installing software of any type on it. It has the ability to change parts so that I can use a floppy disc as well as the cd recorder. It has everything I needed.


Saint Augustine, FL



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