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Dell Inspiron 3000 11.6" Touchscreen Notebook with Intel Pentium N3530 Processor & Windows 8.1


No outlet, no worries: This laptop's 50 WHr battery packs up to 30 percent more capacity than competing laptops and up to 8 hours and 19 minutes of battery life, giving you the power to keep going without having to worry about your next recharge. Interact with the touch of a finger: Whether you're browsing through photos, editing spreadsheets or replying to social media posts, the standard 11.6" edge-to-edge 10-finger touch screen makes every task easy. Communicate with clarity: Make sure your voice is heard in video chats or phone calls, no matter where you take the conversation. Noise-canceling dual digital array microphones make web chats crystal-clear, even in noisy environments.

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Speed is good


I was given this Dell Inspiron 3000 Notebook for a month by my company while being on a tour. The pros of this product include: 1. Look: The design and look of this notebook is quite good and it is thing and light in weight. 2. Touchpad: The touchpad works great and is responsive. I have never had any issues of the screen not working fast while clicking on apps on the screen. 3. Storage & Speed: The hard drive is 500 GB and in spite of installing many apps, the product never slowed down or hung up. 4. Battery Life: The product has a 6 hour battery life which was sufficient for me. The cons of the product include: 1. Screen size: The notebook has a screen of 11.6 inches which was good enough but not good for work purposes. I had to stress a lot while working with word documents and excel sheets as the text was very small and I had to zoom to 200% which entering data. 2. Camera: The camera as well wasn't clear enough and the images used to be blurry and dark in spite of adjusting the brightness. Final verdict: The product is worth buying if one takes into account the speed and ease of working.



Good overall


Even though I had a laptop already (an older Compaq), I got this one because it was such a good deal from Dell and I could finance it. I'm glad I did because my laptop took a dump. It didn't take long to figure out Windows 8, compared to my Vista. I love having a touchscreen. I actually catch myself trying to use the touchscreen when using other laptops that aren't equipped with it, ha! The only disappointments I have is that it doesn't have a cd drive and sometimes the touchscreen stops working. I can't figure out what triggers it. I'll be browsing through a page, moving my finger up and down the screen, and out of nowhere, it just stops working. The only way I can get it to work again is to put the notebook to sleep and wake it back up. Other than that, this is a nice machine. It has a decent size screen, is easy to use, and I love how quickly it starts up. Also, it is silent, not a noise. I used to have a laptop that sounded like a jet, so this is a nice change.

Sonora, CA


Dell Inspiron 3000 11.6" Touchscreen Notebook with Intel Pentium N3530 Processor & Windows 8.1

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