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Dell Inspiron 15R (enmukxb67) PC Notebook

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always fast, quick, efficient


This laptop was bought to be used in our household as an alternative and in addition to all our desktop. It is much better and is located in the main area of our three story town home, making it more accessible for all family members. It's fast and has all the memory we need, for our real estate business and personal needs as well. I would recommend this laptop to anyone. No problems or complaints and we've had It for about 2 years,

Houston, TX


Really great for just a basic laptop


I really love my laptop. I had this laptop for almost 2 years. I had a macbook in the past and it had more problems than I had with this one. My macbook had to get the screen fixed just because I put something on top of it. And I had never had that with this one. Plus my mac was extremely noisy because of the fan or something. I couldn't take it anywhere because of how loud it was. It was embarrassing. I was fed up. I didn't want to fix it because it would have been expensive. On top of that my macbook didn't even last more than 4 years. I rarely had to send this inspiron in to get fixed. It's great! This laptop cost less money and works great for just a basic laptop. It has everything and it does what I need it to do. I can put all my school software on it. I use this for school and everyday tasks. I am going to school for Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. And I am able to render stuff out of software with no problems. Will definitely buy from Dell again.



I returned the Dell 15 because of multiple hardware failures


initially the battery failed to hold a charge after about a day of use. Dell sent out a tech to replace the motherboard. Then, the headphone jack failed, which was of course a big issue for me. Another issue was the sound quality. The salesman said that I would not need external speakers. The sound quality, while good for a laptop, was not good enough for me. So, I rethought the laptop issue and went with a desktop PC Ease of Use it worked relatively well initially and was easy to set up. Battery Life Dell's PC cannot stay on the charger without eventually wearing down the battery's ability to take a charge. For other brands, this is not an issue. Support & Service Dell sent a tech right away and was willing to send one a second time. Tech support was 24-7 but there were some (not all) long hold times because I did not pay extra for premium service. Speed/Performance if the unit had not had hardware failures, it would have been a decent value for the money, but the built in speakers were oversold by the agent. They were not as good as billed. Design I think the issue with not keeping the battery plugged in would be an issue for corporate users. It was for me. Durability maybe I got a lemon but multiple hardware failures.

Skokie, IL


Dell Inspiron 15R (enmukxb67) PC Notebook

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