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Dell Inspiron 14z (fncws43) PC Notebook

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Speedy laptop that is great for surfing the web!


I bought this laptop at the beginning of September 2011. Originally I was going to look for something with more speed. Ease of Use Relatively light. Doesn't run very hot while using battery. Battery Life The battery lasts for about 4 hours which I am fine with. That is plenty I think I know it isn't the most you can get from a laptop because there are laptops out there with 10 hour battery life but this is a relatively inexpensive laptop. I have watched two movies on battery before and it worked out fine. Support & Service Haven't had to really call dell about anything because this laptop built to last. Speed/Performance Can run programs and move around the web really quickly. Design Not as nice as an Apple Laptop but no where close to as pricey either :) Durability Accidentally dropped it today from about 3 feet from the ground but everything is fine. The top of the screen un-snapped but I snapped it back together and everything is still working great. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.


Rexburg, ID


Dell Inspiron 14z (fncws43) PC Notebook

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