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Dell Inspiron 14 Notebook PC

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Beautiful Dell laptop


I bought this Dell laptop from a reputable merchant for an unbelievable price. It looks great on paper. It has an i3 processor, 4 gbs of ram, 640 gb hard drive, a 6-cell battery and windows 7 home premium. It also allows you to remove and replace the color of the lid. But you have to purchase the other lids separately. My included lid is peacock blue, which I like. Base on the specs, the computer should run pretty fast. Unfortunately, for some reason it runs slower than my acer netbook. In addition, it crashes often. However, I tried a lot of things to tweak it. I uninstalled some of the dell software that it comes pre-installed and it seems to running a bit faster now. But I am sure it could be better but don't know how yet.


New York, NY


The Inspiron 14 is the best investment I have ever made!


This notebook is the best investment I ever made. I love the clarity of pictures. The webcam catches all the pictures clearly. Playing games is easy. I work on websites for extra income and this notebook allows me to make changes readily and easily. Thanks Dell


Jacksonville, FL


Great price for a quality computer


I recently purchased this laptop after my previous laptop crapped out due to a nasty virus. I have been super happy with this purchase. First of all it was great price for a high quality fast high memory laptop. It comes very loaded with dvd/webcames/software. I am loving the new windows 7 that comes standard on it as opossed to the previous version I was using. It is very user friendly and super fast. It comes standard with some great photo and video editing programs and a webcam which can do some fun affect that my children like. You really can't find a better laptop in this price rang espeically from a well trusted brand like dell. I also like how they allow you to have a smaller version of office without purchasing the full version as I really do  not need the full version. I was able to buy this in a cute pink color which really doesn;t matter but It is cute. Overall I am very happy with this computer and hope to keep it for years.


Brewer, ME


Qualitative Effort by Dell


Really rough and tough product out by dell. always give priority to performance over look. this laptop never let down on performance basis. Using for all the purposes with faster access. it has great configuration fulfill almost all the criteria for all the applications.


Roseville, CA


Dell Inspiron 14 is a good deal for the money


I got this lap top as a gift. I am thankful for the lap top since my Toshiba broke and could not be repaired. I love the selection of colors offered for the Dell computers. I got a blue one. The keyboard is so smooth, it hardly feels like you have to push on the keys to get it to type. It was easy to boot up and came fully loaded with the programs I needed. The only thing bothers me is that I hear a rattle under the keyboard, like there is a little piece of plastic floating around in there. I don't want to send it in to be repaired because it could be gone a long time and I don't have a back up lap top or desk top to use in it's absense. Also, sometimes I have to restart it to boot it up on occasion. Other than that, which is minor, I love the screen, the colors are awesome, sharp picture. The bottons across the top of the keyboard provide great short cuts and are easy to understand. This is a bigger laptop than i've owned in the past, but it's a lot lighter. Computers can be very expensive and I found this product to offer fast speed and large memory for reasonable price. I have always been a Toshiba fan, however, with the problems I had repairing the last one, I decided to switch to Dell and I'm glad i did.  I will continue to purchase lap tops through this company in the future.


Hitchcock, TX


everyone has it


everyone used to have this computer so it isn't that unique...but it is cheap (get it when dell has the sales). it is very durable but then after a while, my keys started to fall off which kinda sucked. another thing is that it is super heavy...but it will get the job done. all in all, it is a good buy if it is cheap.


San Francisco, CA


Dell Inspiron 14 Notebook PC--great lap top


As I am not the most computer savvy person,, this laptop is perfect for me.  I want to e-mail, facebook, write letters, play a few games, look stuff up.  That's all I need, so while some people may think this is a little too "Basic" it is exactly what I need.  Nice sized keyboard which I love.  I have never been comfortable with laptop/notebook keyboard--much too small for my pudgy fingers.  I used to attach a full sized keyboard to a laptop just to be able to type normally.  With this pc, that is not necessary.  I can truly hold it on my lap and work very comfortably.  Small enoug to carry in a large handbag, but I rarely take it out of the house.  I have almost stopped using my desktop since receiving it.  Simple setup, and if I think it is simple, it must be really simple because I am definately not a computer nerd.  What else can I say?  It starts up fast, opens up web sites fast, lightweight but not flimsy.  


Staten Island, NY


Great Dell notebook


I got this laptop for my day to day work studying and browsing. Its a great and just perfect for my needs. First of all it looks great, works great. It is really really fast. The screen resolution is good. I use to see pathology slides on this and they look awesome. It is also light weight so that I can carry it easly when I want. The sound qulity with the premiunm sound is too good.  I liked the laptop so much that I bought one more for my sis.


Lombard, IL


Never again.


I have a Dell Inspiron 1525, and it is arguably the worst computer I've ever owned or used. After having my laptop for only 4 months, it decided to not turn on. After 3 hours (for real. 3 HOURS) on the phone with customer support, they had to wipe my entire system clean and load everything back onto my computer. That means that EVERYTHING was gone. EVERYTHING. Also, about two months after that my charger stopped charging the battery meaning I had to have my computer plugged in whenever I wanted to use it. THEN, about two months after that the charger just stopped. Completely stopped working.  It gets too hot, no matter if you have a cooler underneath it, the speakers SUCK, and still sometimes it decides it doesn't want to turn on. I would not recommend this laptop to anyone, or any other Dell laptop for that matter. Their customer service is terrible, and you can't understand a word that their reps are telling you. TERRIBLE.


Oil City, PA


works like no other!


This Dell product works like no other product of its type. there is so many options of what you can do on it. First is the way it looks, its design, and its speed. There is an excellent warranty that comes with this Dell laptop. Mostly overall, a Dell is considered to be a good laptop, topping others, but it aslo has its own cons. It does tend to overheat sometimes, and its charger is not guaranteed to always work when needed, so through time, that will need to be updated. This is a very good value, so take advantage. The weight of this laptop is very light, easy to carry, and fits almost anywhere for convenience. When calling customer service for help, they give you great support, so no worries about that at all. Sometimes you have to wait longer but some days will connect you very qucik and they will try their hardest to resolve any issue you may have with the laptop. For first time users, do give it a chance, you will be satisfied.


Elmwood Park, IL


Dell Inspiron 14 Notebook PC

4.3 28