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Dell Insipiron Notebook/Laptop PC

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The computer isnt that great!


I had this pc for like two to three years and I did not like it at all.  Maybe the fact was that it  was running Windows Vista but I didnt like the graphics card nor the speed.  I felt the graphics card was horrible.  When I watched video, it was very shotty and poor looking.  I really couldnt even play games on it, starcraft 2 looked horrible.  I think Dell customer service is horrible too.  Dont like the fact that many of their customer service specialists are from India, can't really understand what they are saying.  I wish that it was a better machine.  The good thing about this laptop was that it had 3 usb ports and also it had all in one reader that even read sd cards and a memory card.  You can't upgrade this machine which is horrible because you want a better graphics card and maybe faster ram.  You could always use more ram in my opinion.  Also, this machines comes with a lot of bulit in needless programs that you dont need. 

San Diego, CA


the inspiron 1300 from dell is a great computer!


I have had this computer for nearly a year now & though there have been some ups & downs this is still a great computer. Its fast has a fair sized hard drive & comes with a dvd burner as well as a cd burner which is really cool. though it is no longer a top of the line computer it can easily be upgraded into one that is comparible to most any top of the line computer. this is a great computer for everyday use & more than enough for your average pc user.

Oxford, GA


Could be better, but it was a good first-time laptop


I was SO delighted when my fianceé bought me this laptop because the only other one I'd had before this had shorted out its power supply in something like three months, and I'd always wanted one.  I thought it was perfect for the things for which I wanted to use it when I first got it, but I found quickly that it just doesn't have the power I expected it to have.  Because it was bought from a friend, the specifications were never actually displayed for me to look over or anything, so I can't mention more than that, but two years in, it now runs very sluggishly, but I will say that, for an older model, it's a good piece of equipment for a first-time user who just wants to check in with Facebook and their email when they're on the go, but for the around-the-house constant use it was getting from me up until a month ago, it just doesn't have the power I want out of it. All in all, it's a good first-time machine for the casual user, and came with some fairly decent programs attached, but don't expect too much out of it.

Jensen Beach, FL


Great, unless you want to play games


I was given the Dell Inspirion 1300 as a Christmas gift last year, due to my previous gateway computer falling apart after four years of use. When I first opened it, I thought it looked like a great computer. For the most part, I was right. The screen is nice and clear, it came with windows vista, and the internet ran great. It also has a built in web cam, which I love. The web cam has all these cool settings- you can pretend you're in a rocket or it's snowing when you're chatting with someone. It's really amusing, especially for kids. I also liked the buttons you use to play dvds. They're little stickers located right above the keyboard, you simply tap them and you're all set. My problems with this computer developed when I went to install a popular game, World of Warcraft. The computer has 3G of ram and is dual core proccessing, so in theory the game should run not amazing, but ok. For some reason, I can only get about 4 fps, which is very annoying.  If you don't want to play games, and just want a computer for browsing the internet, or using a web cam, I would highly reccomend the Dell Inspirion 1300. It's worth the money.

Orlando, FL


I got a Dell Inspiron and works for me


My Dell Inspiron 1300 was a gift that I love and it is a real work horse. The computer gets used everyday for reports and doing photo restoration. The computer was a gift in 2006 and I have never had any problems with it.  It has been a great gift and a real work horse of a computer. I like having a laptop for the ease of being able to carry it with me to work and then home to do last minute reports. Laptops also are great selling point when displaying your work and ideas to clients.

Reading, PA


Dell Insipiron Notebook/Laptop PC

3.4 5