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Dell E2010 LCD Monitor

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This monitor is great.


This monitor is great! I've never had any problems with it responding to my computer. It never seems to overheate and it doesn't produce much heat, unlike my copmuter itself does. None of my crystals have been destroyed or lost their color either. The picture is clear and it does a great job of saving energy as well. The size is just about perfect for me. I also love the sleek design as well. I do have a bit of complaint about the color though. The colors tend to be a bit shady, as whites aren't perfectly white, kind of more of an off white color. Dell, overall makes great monitors. Just make sure that you have the monitor hooked up to a surge protector. My last monitor was shocked by a lightning storm, and it turned back on in a shade of red. The pixels slowly began to die and I could no longer use the monitor. Overall though, great monitor. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a reliable Dell product.


Augusta, GA


Dell E2010 LCD Monitor

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