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Dell Dimension desktop computer

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Dell Dimension 4550 is a long lasting desktop!


I got my Dell Dimension 4550 back in 2003. It is still running today! I never had any problems until recently when my DVD-R and DVD drives have finally kicked the bucket. I had to upgrade the RAM eventually too to be more compatible with today's software. It came with an 80 gig harddrive which was more than enough for me. It had Windows XP on it as well. The Dell Dimension 4550 is easy to set up especially with the color coated plugs and outlets for people that aren't used to setting up computers. I never had to call Dell's tech support for this computer. For a decently inexpensive computer, this desktop has well exceeded my expectations. Seven years later and this desktop computer is still running, and I don't think it's going to die anytime soon. When it does I will definitely buy another Dell desktop. I would recommend this model of a Dell desktop to anyone! I would choose Dell's desktops way before their laptops, because the desktops are more reliable.

Northern Cambria, PA


Love this computer


This computer was one of my first computers and i loved it.This computer was through so much and still worked.and when i say alot i mean being dropped to even getting still was an awesome computer.i still think dell is a great computer.on one thing is that i heard that you cant upgrade the memory or something but i never had to do anything like that.but if you really need a tough computer this is the one.And i had no problem catching on to it at setting it up it was a breeze .I truely love the dell computer.

Lemont Furnace, PA


Last Long but hard to customize


I bought this computer nine years ago and I am still currently it This is a great computer at that time. The computer still runs fast overall even with windows 7. The problem with this computer is that it is hard to customize the way you want. The main problem is adding a power supply unit since the one it currently came with is extremely low. When installing a new power supply unit, it wouldn't install perfectly so I had to manually cut the case for it to attach properly. You can not install any kind of case fans and it is very compact inside the case for you to install anything. Even when installing a video card, the video card barely fit since I moved the hard drive out of the way. You are limited to certain amount of sata drives and only have enough space for 2 expansion slots. You are also limited to a maximum of two to three PCI slots. The motherboard doesnt have any PS/2 inputs to connect a normal keyboard and mouse so you will have to use one of your USB slots. Also, there are only two slots for RAM so if you want to upgrade your RAM you have to replace your current ones. The PC is also noisy. Overall, this computer is cheap and does what is supposed to do, but when you want to upgrade or customize it, you are limited to what you can do.

Carson, CA


Good for it's time


I owned this computer since 2002 and it is still humming. No issues really. The hard drive did fail several years ago, but Dell replaced it free, and was VERY easy to install. This was a fast computer back in 2002, but now creeps along with all the higher end stuff out to use on it. I also replaced the graphics card last year in order to play some of the newer end games. The old graphics card no longer could handle all the shaders on the new games. The graphics card was easy to install. So, this PC was upgradeable, a key feature for any PC. Tech help by Dell has always been good to me, they were always quick to resolve issues. I do recommend people purchase a longer as possible tech help and warranty, as if something does go wrong at least you are covered for it. In summary, Dell has been great for me, good service, reliable and fast computers, and easy to upgrade. You can't go wrong with Dell.

Pittsfield, ME


Dell 4550 is a great desktop computer - hardly ever have problem


My dell Demension 4550 desktop far exceeded my expectations and I hardly ever have any technical problems with it. I do need to add more RAM however. It has been a workhorse for me for over 5 years and I cannot expect any other computer to be as reliable. This is my second Dell and probably will replace it with another Dell in the future.

Temple, GA


Dell Dimension desktop computer

4.4 5